Wichita Business Liability Insurance

Wichita business liability insurance will not protect your company for employment related claims. You need employment practices liability insurance, or EPLI, in order to cover you for claims brought up by employees. Wichita business liability insurance covers you exclusively for third-party claims against your company, and employment-related claims are not considered third party.

If you're opening restaurant a in Wichita, KS, you will need to protect your company from particular risks. For example, you need basic Wichita business liability insurance, as well as property and casualty coverage. You also need to have workers compensation to protect your employees in the case of injury. Plus, there are other specialty policies you might want to consider, such as food contamination.

Kansas Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Wichita business liability insurance will protect your business from third-party claims related to property damage, advertising injury, and personal injury. However, that's not true if the claim comes from an employee. Unfortunately, if an employee sues you, your Wichita business liability insurance is null.

Unfortunately, even good, reliable employees will sue a business for unexpected reasons. Cases include wrongful termination, harassment, emotional stress, and related claims. Even if the employee can't prove anything against your Wichita company, and the claim is meritless, you'd better hope that you have Kansas business liability insurance to cover you.

Employment practices liability insurance is considered a must for businesses with employees. EPLI also has other benefits: if an employee acts wrongly, unbeknownst to the company, EPLI will defend the company, whereas your Wichita business liability insurance wouldn't. This is where it gets a little confusing: EPLI doesn't cover intentional injury caused by the company, but it will cover intentional injury caused by an employee.

In general, your liability policy won't cover your Wichita, KS business if you are intentionally lying, cheating or acting dishonestly. If there's a breach of contract, for example, your liability insurance will deny coverage. To be protected by your Wichita business liability insurance, you must act in a fair, and forthright manner. Your liability coverage is only meant to cover you in case of an accident.

Insurance for a Wichita Restaurant

Wichita business liability insurance will cover the legal costs and the damages, if someone sues your Kansas restaurant. For example, a classic case that's often addressed: someone slips and falls, and then sues the owner or caretaker of the space. Such lawsuits are more frequent than you might expect, and that's why you absolutely need this kind of coverage. Even a smaller lawsuit could easily put a Wichita restaurant out of business.

Like almost every business, your restaurant will also need a policy to protect your property. If there's a fire, or other natural disaster, the need to have a policy that covers your building and assets. If you suspect there may be a flood or earthquake in Kansas, you need to purchase "specific peril" coverage as well as a basic property policy.

If you have expensive equipment, you will want to make sure it's insured. Your equipment can be insured for the cash value or the replacement value. If your equipment is insured for the replacement value, your insurer will replace it. However, if it's insured for cash value, which is less expensive, your insurer will reimburse you for the current equipment's value. If your current equipment is worth significantly less than new equipment, you may want to consider whether insuring the cash value is sufficient.

As you know, many accidents may happen in the kitchen of a restaurant. So, it's absolutely essential that you have workers compensation to cover employee medical costs in the case of an injury. Knives, ovens, stoves, and so forth, make workers compensation absolutely necessary for restaurant employees. As you probably know, failure to purchase workers compensation can be devastating for your restaurant.

Another policy you may want to consider for your restaurant is food contamination coverage. A food contamination policy will reimburse your restaurant if you lose power and the food rots. If you have very expensive ingredients, or you fill your freezer with enormous bulk orders, you may want to consider this policy. Think about how devastating it would be for your restaurant if you lost all your refrigerated or frozen food, to decide whether or not you want food contamination coverage.

Note that your Wichita business liability insurance will not protect you in the case of lawsuits related to your food. So, you need additional policy to cover you for concerns related to your food, or "product". If someone gets sick after eating in your Wichita restaurant, and then sues you for spoiled food, you need to have an additional policy to cover your business. Talking to an agent who has experience insuring the restaurant industry can help you determine which policies would work best for you.

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