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Walnut Creek business liability insurance protects your small CA business. Let's face it, owning your own company is risky. The more you can prepare for the risk, the better off your Walnut Creek company will be. Small businesses can buy Walnut Creek business liability insurance to insure that legal claims will not destroy the company they worked so hard to build. There are several different kinds of Walnut Creek business liability insurance. Each covers different situations. Don't assume that your LLC or any other corporate structure is going to protect you completely. You need a comprehensive insurance portfolio as well.

Your Walnut Creek business liability insurance portfolio might include Professional and General Walnut Creek business liability insurance, and Product liability insurance if you offer a product to the public. Let's look at each type and what kind of protections they offer along with an overview of legal structures, what they do and don't offer you in terms of asset protection, and where you can get the best deals on your business liability coverage in California and nationwide.

Types of Liability Insurance

So what it liability? Liability is basically responsibility. As a business owner you are required by law to act responsibly. Now, let's be fair and put it right out there. You can act responsibly and still get sued. You can be completely in the right and still lose a lot of money defending yourself in court. For example, if you work in the financial planning industry and you give people investment advice your product is that advice. If a customer loses a lot of money on your advice, they can sue you in attempt to prove that you should have known better or that you did not act in their best interest. Professional coverage with a Walnut Creek business liability insurance provider would cover you in that situation.

There is also what is called General business liability coverage. This would cover you if another company in California or nationwide claimed that you stole their logo or something to that effect. It would insure that you did not lose your company because a client fell in your office, or because your property was severely damaged. It is a basic umbrella of coverage but often you need additional coverage to be sure your Walnut Creek businesses are safe.

If you make a product for sale you need a Product liability policy as well. While not always fair, anyone can bring a case against a product manufacturer if they are harmed in some way by the product they make. Usually the unfair cases get weeded out but there can be significant costs involved in getting them to that point. When you have Walnut Creek business liability insurance, they do the work for you. They incur the expense of investigating and fighting legal claims. When you combine a comprehensive business insurance portfolio with acting responsibly you can avoid many problems. What kind of legal structure if any should you consider for your Walnut Creek company?

Structured Businesses in America

There are several different corporate/legal structures that the US government offers for small businesses. These offer people the chance to open the businesses they want without running the risk of being personally ruined if something went wrong. A sole proprietorship is the least protected way to start a company. It is the easiest but leaves you open to being personally sued in a CA court with all your personal assets on the line if you lose. An LLC offers some protection for CA small business owners. It won't stop anyone from suing you but they cannot ask a court in Walnut Creek to go after any assets that are not part of the LLC, except in some circumstances. This arrangement is cheap and easy.

As you consider the type of protections you want for your Walnut Creek business keep in mind that the best thing you can do is get the backing of a reputable Walnut Creek business liability insurance company so you can keep growing your company without fear. You can protect your personal assets with the right business structure but what about the Walnut Creek company you worked so hard for? California companies have access to many reputable insurance companies in state and nationally.

Looking for insurance coverage is easy. You will find that you have so many choices it can be hard to know who to choose. Use the Internet to get a lot of quotes on different coverage amounts, information on the reputation of any provider you are considering using, and choose a group of policies that make sense for your company. Walnut Creek business liability insurance is the best way to cover your bases, confront risk, and keep that company you love moving forward.

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