St Louis Business Liability Insurance

St. Louis business liability insurance needs are different for every industry. If you're opening a coffee shop, for example, you will need some specific add-ons to your St. Louis business liability insurance. Your business insurance will need compensate for particular risks which vary depending on your specialty and your specific company.

If you, or any of your employees, plans to drive for work related purposes, you may need to purchase a commercial auto liability policy. Your personal auto policy may not be sufficient to cover you if you're driving your car for business purposes. In fact, your personal car insurance policy may actually deny coverage if your car is being used at work.

Insurance for Coffee Shops

Your St. Louis coffee shop has some basic insurance needs. First of all, like most businesses, you need some kind of policy to cover your property, in case of a natural disaster such as a fire. This policy can also cover you in case of a mechanical breakdown or spoilage. Also, if you purchase business interruption coverage, it will protect you from loss of income for the period of time that your coffee shop closes after a natural disaster.

You also, obviously, need to have St. Louis business liability insurance. Missouri general liability insurance will protect your coffee shop from claims related to property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. So, if someone slips and falls in your St. Louis coffee shop, and then tries to sue you, if we protected with your liability coverage. Businesses get sued for all kinds of surprising accidents, so don't skip this coverage.

As a coffee shop, your St. Louis business liability insurance should include product liability. In other words, if someone sues you to do to a problem with your coffee, or the food you're serving, you need to be protected. Even if the claim is meritless, you don't want to get caught without this basic coverage. Note that standard St. Louis business liability insurance doesn't cover you for third-party claims related to your product, but as a Missouri coffee shop you can get an add-on that includes product protection.

If your St. Louis coffee shop accidentally serves contaminated food or drinks and one of your customers becomes ill, you need to have a policy to protect you. Food contamination coverage also protects your restaurant from financial loss. So, if your fridge stops working and you lose a lot of food, you'll be reimbursed.

Obviously, you also Missouri workers compensation to protect your employees if they're injured on the job. If any of your employees gets hurt working, say gets a burn, or trips, you need workers compensation to cover medical costs. Workers compensation is the only coverage for employee injuries.

When you're purchasing coverage for your St. Louis, MI coffee shop, there are number of specific questions you should ask your potential insurer. For example, if you have a drive-thru, you want to know if your equipment is covered. You also want to know if your large coffee making equipment, such as that expensive cappuccino maker, is insured.

You can talk to a St. Louis business liability insurance agent about companies that specialize in insuring coffee shops. Your insurer should have other coffee shops as clients, to insure that they know the particular risks and liability of your business. You want to consider spoilage, outdoor sign coverage, the food contamination, business income and other specific coffee shop policies.

Auto Liability Insurance

Sometimes, people make the mistake of assuming that they don't need additional automobile coverage if they have St. Louis business liability insurance. However, your standard St. Louis business liability insurance doesn't cover cars. An automobile accident can be devastating for small to medium-sized St. Louis business.

Furthermore, your personal auto policy won't cover company cars. If your insurer knows you're driving to visit a client, or deliver pizza, per se, your policy may be nil. So, if your St. Louis, MI company involves driving for work purposes, consider a commercial policy. You may want to talk to your auto insurer to clarify.

You may be able to get coverage for your cars as an add-on to your basic policy. It might be less expensive to purchase a car policy as an add-on. If you or your employees will be driving a lot for work, don't skip out on a commercial out of policy without confirming your security with your insurer.

The best way to find comprehensive coverage for your Missouri company, no matter what you do, is to find a good agent. A trustworthy St. Louis business liability insurance agent can help you determine your particular risks. Be sure you choose an agent that specializes in your industry, so he or she has experience regarding the particular needs of companies like yours.

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