South Carolina Business Liability Insurance

South Carolina business liability insurance is growing in popularity because there are many businesses who have examined what it is business liability insurance in South Carolina offers their companies. This is great news considering the litigious society we live in. Then again, some of those who file lawsuits have no choice because they have medical expenses that their health insurer won't pay for due to the accident being the fault of someone else.

So with your South Carolina business liability insurance, you can take care of any liability issues that come about. You can make sure that the individual's medical bills are paid for and that you don't have to pay for them out of your pocket. Know, however, that there are limitations on coverage. There is a lot that your business liability insurance covers for your South Carolina company, but knowing restrictions can help you to take appropriate precautions and even fill in coverage gaps by adding additional coverage.


One limitation is the one that deals with your South Carolina business liability insurance deductible. Just like with your SC auto insurance, you have a deductible that needs to be paid before the insurer will kick in and pay the remainder. You need to make sure the deductible is one that you can handle if you need to. That way you are not in a situation where it is so high you can't pay it. One of the reasons why you may raise your deductible is to reduce your premium.

So bear in mind that nothing is going to be paid on your behalf without you paying your deductible. There are no exceptions to this rule no matter what South Carolina business liability insurance company you use. There are also limits on how much coverage you can take out. Keep in mind that the income of the South Carolina insurer is not unlimited. They are limited on how much money they bring in and they are paying for claims all of the time.

Take this into consideration: A small business may have a $50 million judgment against it. That may be about 1/3 of the capital of the insurer and it could be devastating to them to have to pay out 1/3 of their capital on the behalf of a customer. There may be cases in which other payment arrangements are made by the South Carolina business liability insurance company or they may be a company that engages in risk sharing, which means they partner with another company and they share the risks that they both take so that they all can stay financially sound.

It is these income restraints on the Business liability insurance company that there are maximums to the policies that you can take out. But if you need more than the maximum, you do have the choices of obtaining an umbrella policy. This means that you are going to pay an extra premium to have additional coverage up to the limits that you need to ensure that your company is protected in the way that it needs to be.

There are other restrictions, such as not being able to claim an incident that occurs outside of your South Carolina business liability insurance policy. For instance, if your policy covers bodily and property injury, but an employee is injured, you are not going to be able to cover an employee injury under your South Carolina policy. The bodily injury section only covers instances in which a customer or other type of visitor is injured. There are separate policies for employee injuries.

Umbrella policies

An umbrella policy is something you can purchase if you feel that your South Carolina business liability insurance is not enough to cover the damages that you may sustain. For example, you may have $1 million dollars in coverage, but you need $2 million. Let's say that your limit is $1 million and you cannot receive more SC business liability insurance. If you buy the umbrella, you can. Maybe you purchase an umbrella policy that will give you an additional $500,000.

Many businesses in South Carolina find that umbrella policies give them much needed peace of mind and that is what is important. Furthermore, umbrella policies do provide a valuable form of protection when businesses within a particular industry find themselves paying more than their limits, so adding South Carolina business liability insurance umbrellas can save a lot of money. They also cost less than a full policy of the same amount because of the existing policy.

So make sure you are adequately covered by your South Carolina business liability insurance. Most of all, make sure you have small business liability on your South Carolina company to protect you in the first place. That way you have fewer worries.

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