Will Comparing Business Insurance Policies Save Me Money?

Business insurance can be extremely expensive. Companies that hire a contracted employee driver or machine operators have major liability needs. Industries where employees could be injured on the job need liability and workers compensation coverage. Even retail and service industries need coverage in case of a negligence suit or other litigation. Business claims tend to be much more costly than personal liability, so insurers charge accordingly.

Business insurance premiums can be outrageously expensive, but not all providers offer the same rates. Insurance is a competitive industry, and every company is fighting for your business. Comparing rates from at least five providers can help you identify the most economical options. Of course, price is not the only factor to consider when buying business insurance. Some companies make it nearly impossible to receive compensation from a claim, and others will simply drop the policyholder after the first incident.

Comparing providers can be a time-consuming process. Obtaining rate quotes takes time, and researching a provider's customer service reputation is even more work. In the end, when you end up with a reputable company at a reasonable rate, the time investment will be well worth it.

Businesses need various forms of insurance. Employee health insurance, disability and workers compensation, property or renters coverage, commercial vehicle insurance and, of course, liability, can all become a paperwork nightmare. It is generally good business sense to buy all of these policies from one provider since most offer discounts to businesses who buy multiple policies. A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) includes property insurance, business continuation insurance and general liability all in one, and can be a less expensive option. Still, doing some rate comparison might show that there is a marked difference in rates that makes it worthwhile to split providers.

Comparing Rates

The first step to obtaining rate quotes for comparison is finding the insurance providers you might potentially do business with. Some experts recommend sticking with national providers for the security of having a national organization for legal recourse and a better guarantee that the company will remain solvent. Businesses should also check with their trade organizations or local chambers of commerce who can make recommendations and even get you a discount.

Each company has its own criteria for generating a rate quote. Filling out our easy-to-use form requires only your zip code, the name of the company and the number of employees. You can then select the forms of coverage you wish to explore. When you provide a bit of contact info, quotes are generated for you to compare.

The initial quote is only an estimate. There are many discounts businesses can apply to lower their rates. As the business grows and changes, the rates will change to keep up with your evolving needs. Use the rate quotes as a blueprint for finding the providers who best suit your needs at your desired price-point.

Buying and comparing business insurance can be just as overwhelming for long-time business owners as it is for first-time entrepreneurs. You are not expected to be an expert on all things insurance, but an agent is. After getting the initial quotes, turn to a reputable agent to sort out just what types of coverage your business needs to be protected against unexpected roadblocks. Having a little background knowledge about the forms of insurance available and the rates of the competitors leaves control of your business insurance in your hands. Don't think of business insurance as an added expense, but as a necessary cost of doing business that can safeguard your company in nearly any situation.

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