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San Jose business liability insurance provides necessary protection for your small company, even if you're operating your business from your own home. You cannot rely on your homeowners policy to protect you if you're operating a company out of your home. Also, home-based businesses most likely require special kind of policies in addition to basic liability coverage.

If you're offering professional services, for example, in or out of your home, you need to have malpractice coverage. Insurance experts can help you figure out what kind of protection you need for your particular line of work. Furthermore, you can lower the costs of coverage by reducing your company risks in a number of ways. A few common sense ideas will help you lower your risks and, consequently, your premium. You can also ask your insurer or agent for risk reduction advice.

Home Business

You need to have a sufficient San Jose business liability insurance policy to protect your home company, just as you would if you were operating out of an office. You cannot rely on your homeowners policy, because it does not include business practices. For example, your homeowners liability policy will most likely cover you if a houseguest or a friend falls down your stairs. However, if a client falls down your stairs, you homeowners coverage may be void.

In fact, if you operate a San Jose company out of your house and it burns down, you may find that your CA homeowners policy will be ineffective if you didn't disclose the operation to your insurer. Or, if your computer or other work related valuables are stolen from your San Jose home, your homeowners policy might claim it can't cover work-related property in your home. To avoid these unfortunate surprises, it's a good idea to get additional California business liability coverage for your company.

You should consider how much your equipment and company valuables would cost to replace in the case of a San Jose fire or other natural disaster. Next, you should consult with the San Jose business liability insurance agent and find out how to insure this property if it's stolen or destroyed, and also how to protect your company from liability claims. You might be able to combine a California homeowners policy and business coverage. This kind of policy should be less expensive than purchasing a separate homeowners policy and San Jose business coverage.

If you're running a technology company out of your San Jose home, or you're an architect or attorney, you may need to purchase malpractice coverage as well. San Jose business liability insurance is different from professional liability coverage. Malpractice, also called Errors and Omissions, will protect you in the case of professional negligence. So, if you make a professional mistake, San Jose business liability insurance will not cover you, but malpractice will.

Reduce Your Risks

The cost of your San Jose business lability insurance will be based on the calculated risk of your company, among other facts. Some California companies are considered more risky than others. For example, if you're selling alcohol or dangerous equipment, your risks will be considerably higher. The likelihood of a claim in your field raises your liability and your San Jose business liability insurance premium as well.

Your company's risk management and financial stability will also play a role in the cost of your insurance. Having well documented security and procedures will mean lower risk, and lower premiums. Installing fire and safety alarms and having an evacuation plan prepared in the case of a fire, can also lower your premium. Simply making sure your workplace is orderly, and hallways are free of obstacles, will help you keep your San Jose business liability insurance premiums low.

Asking a San Jose business liability insurance agent or insurer how to reduce your risk may help you ensure a lower premium. You will want to review all your policies at least once a year, and note any changes that could possibly affect your coverage. For example, if you hire employees, or let some go, your premium could be affected.

The cost of your California insurance is also affected by payroll and company sales. In fact, third-party liability insurance premiums are calculated based on your risk and your expected sales. However, once the actual figures are established, your insurer may reduce or raise your premiums.

When you purchase San Jose business liability insurance, make sure to choose a company that you trust completely. Having a high-quality CA policy can save your company in the case of disaster, lawsuits, mistakes, or other incidents. Every type work involves some risk, and most likely, you should have insurance to cover you for it. A good broker can help you understand what kind of coverage you need, and help you find a reliable insurer.

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