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San Francisco business liability insurance will be more expensive than insurance in other parts of California. San Francisco is a vibrant and popular city with higher crime rates than the countryside, and therefore your premium will be higher. However, if you choose your office, restaurant or retail location carefully, you may be able to get slightly lower premiums.

Despite the cost, San Francisco business liability insurance is a must for California businesses. Liability coverage will protect you from third-party claims made against your company. In the case of a lawsuit, your policy will cover all legal fees as well as the damages in a settlement. Legal expenses could easily put many small CA companies out of business or in debt, so it's absolutely necessary to have coverage.

Different Types of Liability Insurance

There are three basic kinds of San Francisco business liability insurance: general, professional and product. California general liability insurance is the most necessary and basic form of coverage for businesses. It will protect your business from injury claims, advertising claims and property damages. Note that it does not protect your property, rather it protects your business from people claim that the property has harmed them.

Professional liability insurance, also called Errors and Omissions, is necessary for San Francisco doctors, lawyers and other professions. Consultants, architects, and many other professionals choose to have liability insurance, because it protects your business against malpractice claims. If you, or one of your employees, makes a mistake that cause a third-party claim, Errors and Omissions will cover you.

Product liability insurance will cover your products, in the event that a person becomes injured by something you're manufacturing. For example, if you're creating and selling ovens, you most likely need a policy that protects you from claims against your products. Naturally, if you're manufacturing toys or pillows, your risks are lower. However, if you're unsure, you should definitely talk to San Francisco business liability insurance agent about whether you need to protect your company from potential claims about your product.

You may need all three kinds of San Francisco business liability insurance, but most likely you will need general coverage, as well as either a professional policy or a product policy. Of course, you may also need a policy to protect your property, employees, assets, automobiles and other valuables in case of emergency are natural disaster. You might consider a San Francisco Business Owner's Policy or BOP as a less expensive way to cover most of your needs.

How Office Location Affects Rates

San Francisco business liability insurance premiums are based on statistical calculations. In other words, if your office is in a statistically risky location, your premium will be higher. If you don't need to set up on a busy street to attract traffic, choose a quieter neighborhood. Of course, to choose one that's too quiet, because if you're too far from emergency services, your risk (and rates) will go up.

Also, although San Francisco, CA has some lovely historic buildings, remember that your premium will be higher if you choose an older building. If you don't have accessibility for disabled persons, for example, San Francisco business liability insurance company will most likely be displeased with the situation. Furthermore, older buildings have more risk in general, they may be highly flammable and prone to other problems, which means higher rates for you.

Also, consider the businesses in you San Francisco neighborhood. Dry cleaners, bars, and statistically risky businesses will make your premium go up. If you're unsure, ask a San Francisco business liability insurance agent about the best neighborhood to start your company, and how you can keep your rates low.

Tricks for Lowering Your Premium

A good broker or agent can give you a number of tips on how to keep your premium low. Common sense can also help: maintain safety in your store or office. Keep the area as clean and organized as possible. Make sure you and your employees practice safety procedures, so that in the case of a natural disaster, you'll behave in a responsible and efficient manner.

Gaps in your coverage will also make your rates go up. Purchase a good policy as soon as your San Francisco company is off the ground, and, obviously, keep a good record of coverage for your California business. Also, document all special trainings, safety drills and relevant practices.

Finally, go ahead and ask your San Francisco business liability insurance company how you can minimize potential claims and keep rates low for your company. Remember, the cost of your policy is based on your statistical risk, so all you need to do is reduce the risk. You may even be able to get a discount if you're able to prove that your company keeps up with safety procedures.

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