San Diego Business Liability Insurance

San Diego business liability insurance will cover your California business in the case of third-party liability claims related to bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. In other words, most San Diego commercial general liability policies will cover the majority of claims against your company. However, almost all San Diego companies need to purchase additional coverage as well.

Some risks are not covered by your standard San Diego business liability insurance policy. You might need to cover your employees, property, automobiles, and certain environmental threats. You may also need to protect your small company against specific claims. If you serve alcohol, for example, or if you're selling a product that could harm potential customers, you may need additional coverage for related claims. Malpractice coverage is also necessary to cover professional liability.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Your San Diego business liability insurance will usually pay all fees if someone tries to sue your CA company. You will, of course, have to pay your deductible, but that's all. First and foremost, your California liability insurance policy should protect you if someone is injured on your property. For example, if someone breaks a leg on the steps of your store and tries to sue, you're covered. Furthermore, the policy will protect you if your client's belongings are damaged on your property for some reason.

In other words, "bodily injury and property damage liability" are covered by your basic San Diego business liability insurance plan. Both the legal fees that may arise and the damages sought will be covered. However, if you need to pay punitive damages, in other words: you are required give money in the form of punishment, you are not covered. Furthermore, if you intentionally injure someone on your San Diego property, your CA insurers will not help you.

Your San Diego business liability insurance will also defend you against personal injury claims. "Personal injury" refers to slander or verbal defamation rather than physical injury. Personal injury claims are brought up when you harm someone's reputation or commit libel. However, if you or your employee lies, making a statement that is known to be untrue when it's spoken, your basic commercial policy won't protect you. If you harm a reputation in an advertising campaign or promotional statement, your liability policy should cover you for "Advertising Injury Coverage".

Your commercial policy may cover medical payments in the case of bodily injury. Often, medical payments will be provided to prevent an expensive lawsuit. Note: this is different from California workers compensation, where your employees are covered for injury on the job. Your San Diego commercial coverage only protects you from third-party claims.

Your San Diego business liability insurance may also cover you as a renter (though it is different from renter's insurance). If you rent an office, shop, or retail space for your San Diego business, and you are held responsible for causing a fire, your commercial policy should pay the compensatory damages. It will not, however, cover your products or inventory. Again, it only deals with third-party accusations.

Supplemental Coverage

Your San Diego business liability insurance covers a lot, but it doesn't cover your property, employees, cars, products or professional negligence. You need property and casualty insurance to cover your office or retail space. You also need to have workers compensation to protect your California employees. Furthermore, you may want an additional policy to protect you in case an employee attempts to sue you for wrongful termination or harassment.

If you frequently use cars for business, you may want to purchase a commercial auto policy as well. Your San Diego business liability insurance most likely does not include a vehicle policy. If you are manufacturing cars or anything else that could be dangerous, you'll need to have product liability insurance. If someone sues you for damages caused by your product, such as a faulty acceleration pedal, you need to have insurance that covers product claims.

If your San Diego business involves offering advice, educating people, or anything of that sort, you need to have malpractice. Doctors, attorneys and other specialists need to have malpractice to protect them from negligence claims. This is also called Errors and Omissions insurance. The basic commercial policy will not protect you or your employees from claims related to professional errors. People make mistakes, so it's important to have malpractice coverage.

A number of unusual threats are not protected by basic commercial insurance. For example, terrorism, floods, fungus and asbestos may harm your business or clients and inspire a lawsuit, but basic business policies won't cover you in those cases. Furthermore, damage resulting from nuclear materials or war will not be covered. You can talk to a San Diego business liability insurance agent about specific protection possibilities if you feel you need additional coverage.

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