Sacramento Business Liability Insurance

Sacramento business liability insurance protects your business from three types of claims: property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. Even when you or your company is at fault, your Sacramento business liability insurance will cover you. In other words, if there's a lawsuit against your company regarding negligence for damaging another's property, for example, your insurance will keep you in business and out of debt.

Depending on what your company does, you may need policies in addition to business liability coverage. For example, you may need a policy for Internet activity if you're a technology company. Or, if you're a media company, you may need California media liability insurance. There are many different specific policies for Sacramento businesses.

Cyber Internet Liability Insurance

If you are starting a Sacramento technology company, website design company, or anything associated with the Internet, you may need Internet-specific coverage. This includes some unusual risks associated with work on the Internet, including privacy issues, intellectual property infringement and so forth. Risks on the Internet are changing quickly, and so are the necessary insurance policies.

Creating and designing websites seems like a simple process, but it comes with many risks. Anyone who creates a web site is as liable as a publisher. So, commercial companies in Sacramento that offer information to the public on websites are just as liable as magazine publishers, although they often unaware of that fact.

Domain name infringement, for example, is something that has inspired a number of lawsuits over the years. However, many of the companies accused of infringement were not aware that they were committing wrongdoing. Internet lawsuits continue arise unexpectedly as the Internet continues to develop and change.

Traditional Sacramento business liability insurance will not address many of the risks associated with work on the Internet. Problems you may run in to include breach of confidence, defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, or misuse of information. And, something you would never see in other fields, for example: the unintentional transmission of a computer virus.

There are a handful of problems not covered by your Sacramento business liability insurance, which may run into as a California Internet company. For example, what if you find out that your meta-tags or trademark names owned by another CA company? Or, what if a third-party hacks one of your customer accounts on your site?

Another big issue on Internet is copyright infringement. Posting a photo without the photographer's permission, for example, could lead to a costly lawsuit. Also, what if you design a logo that happens to look like a competitor's logo? Even if you've never seen their logo, you could be in for a lawsuit.

Media Liability Coverage

Your Sacramento business liability insurance will not protect you in the case of professional error. Media liability policies, on the other hand, are a form of errors and omissions, meaning that they will protect you in the case of professional error. It is essentially errors and omissions coverage for written or spoken words.

Media insurance can include claims related to defamation, personal disparagement, invasion or infringement. If your Sacramento, CA company distributes information to the public, whether it's via the Internet or some other form of communication, you most likely need this protection. Radio stations, publishers, and many people in the advertising industry need errors and omissions in addition to Sacramento business liability insurance.

Often, individuals starting media companies in Sacramento worry a lot about libel and copyright infringement, but don't consider professional error or negligence claims. However, claims related to professional error are actually very common in the media industry. Sometimes, the claims are meritless, but that doesn't mean a company can get away without protection.

General Liability Insurance Exclusions

Your Sacramento business liability insurance will cover you for many third-party claims, but for most California businesses, additional policies are necessary. Again, you're not covered for professional error. So, if you're Sacramento business involves giving advice, constructing houses, or anything that may include professional error, you need to have malpractice or errors and omissions.

Also, your Sacramento business liability insurance will not cover claims related to any products you sell or create. So, if you're manufacturing or selling a product, you need an additional policy to cover claims related specifically to your products. Also, if you're opening a bar, liquor store or restaurant, you probably need an additional policy for liquor.

Talking to Sacramento business liability insurance agent can help you clarify the needs of your specific industry and business operations. You may want to choose a California agent that has experience in your field. Every company has a special set of requirements, and it helps to have an experienced professional assisting you. After all, insuring a company is much more difficult than insuring a car, because every business has different needs.

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