Pleasanton Business Liability Insurance

Pleasanton business liability insurance is not something that you should take lightly if you are a small or large business owner or operator in the Pleasanton area of California. Because of the many situations that you could find yourself in where you would be open to getting sued in some way, there are many things that you are going to need to know concerning Pleasanton business liability insurance and how it works. If you want to know more about the California business liability insurance coverage in a practical way, the best way to learn about it is through a critical study of a potential business liability insurance situation. Of course, this situation might not exactly apply to your individual company. However, as long as you understand the basics of how this kind of Pleasanton business liability insurance works, you should have no trouble in better determining whether or not it is something that you would be interested in getting for yourself. No matter what you might think about the Pleasanton business liability insurance, you need to at least have a working business liability insurance Pleasanton knowledge of it so that if the time comes at some point where you want to ensure that your liability insurance company is absolutely taken care of in all ways, you will be able to better determine the validity of getting Pleasanton business liability insurance and how it can help you.

Pleasanton Situation for Liability

For a hypothetical situation, let's say that you own a Pleasanton company of 25 employees in the greater Pleasanton area. You deal primarily in selling lighting fixtures and other living room furniture embellishments, but are trying to get into the business of selling larger pieces as well for homes. You have plans to expand your company by 50% by three months from now from the revenue that you have accrued and are saving on the backburner. Because you have never had any problems with any customer complaints, your company has a relatively good reputation causing you to be able to bring in a lot of good CA business.

However, unbeknownst to you, a machine at a Pleasanton factory that you purchase lighting fixtures from was on the fritz and produced a few dozen units that were packaged and shipped before the factory was able to rectify the situation. You do not know anything about this so you put the lighting fixtures on sale and one of them sells within the first four hours of you putting it up. You think that it was just another sale that is going to bring you $39.95 closer to your goal of being able to open up the extra expansion of your company to really start making more money. However, this dream is quickly dashed.

You get a call one afternoon while you are on the golf course from the manager of your CA store. He tells you that someone called in saying that the lighting fixture that they installed was faulty and has cause his house to catch fire. Over $14,000 worth of immediate damage has already been caused with the potential for an additional $20,000 worth of damage. From a little research, you learn that the customer's insurance is going to cover all of the CA damage, but this does not mean that you are immune. You get papers a few days later saying that the customer is suing you for nearly $900,000 for pain and suffering and the damaging of irreplaceable items in the home as well as medical damages from the smoke inhalation that he and his California family endured.

Since you had only saved up $300,000 for your new expansion, you are in a bit of trouble. Not only can you not pay for the lawsuit, you can't even get a settlement because the customer will not settle for anything less than $550,000. After paying for a lawyer and getting all of the legal fees taken care of, you are well short of what you need.

The Value of Liability

This is where Pleasanton business liability insurance would have come in handy. Pleasanton business liability insurance would come in and help take care of the financial damages that you will sustain because of the lawsuit. They will not necessarily take care of all of the California expenses, but Pleasanton business liability insurance is designed to help you make sure that you do not have to worry about this vast bill that you will have to endure. No matter what your situation might be, as long as you are getting Pleasanton business liability insurance, you will be able to know that if something like this were to happen, you would not be alone to try and pay for the financial insurance harm that will come from the lawsuit that you could potentially endure.

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