Pittsburgh Business Liability Insurance

Pittsburgh business liability insurance will protect your company from third-party claims related to advertising injury, personal injury and property damage, but it will not protect you if a claim is related to a professional mistake on your part. Pittsburgh business liability insurance won't cover you for claims related to professional negligence or error. If your business involves professional activity, such as designing houses or giving advice, you need errors and omissions or malpractice for yourself and your employees.

If you're operating a business out of Pennsylvania home, you may think that you don't need Pittsburgh business liability insurance. Some home business owners make the mistake of thinking they don't need to be covered because their homeowner's policy will protect them. However, your homeowners policy will not protect you if a work-related accident occurs in your home.

Errors and Omissions

You have probably heard of errors and omissions or malpractice coverage at some time in your life. Believe it or not, professional liability insurance isn't just for doctors and attorneys. In fact, most Pennsylvania professionals need to have this kind of coverage. Technology specialists, architects, and many other professionals have malpractice coverage.

Professionals make mistakes sometimes. And, even if you never, ever make a mistake, you may have a meritless claim brought against you. Clients, patients, and customers, may be dissatisfied with you or your work for any reason, and decide it's worth a lawsuit. Without malpractice coverage, a lawsuit could easily put you in debt.

You need Pittsburgh business liability insurance because legal fees and settlement fees can be outrageously expensive. You need malpractice coverage for the same reason. If you're not sure whether or not your work falls into the "professional" category, consider whether or not someone could sue you for an error.

It's also important to know that your Pittsburgh business liability insurance won't cover you if there's a lawsuit brought against one of your employees. Employment practices liability insurance, or EPLI, is generally recommended if you have employees. suit one of your employees, your Pittsburgh business liability insurance will cover you.

You may need both EPLI and Pennsylvania malpractice coverage to cover your employees, depending on the nature of your work. Your liability insurance agent can help you figure out whether or not both policies are necessary. You may also want to consider a Directors and Officers components to cover the key employees of your Pittsburgh company.

Choose a Pittsburgh agent that knows your industry well, and has worked with companies of your size. That way, he or she will know exactly what kind of liability policies you need to consider for your Pittsburgh company, and how to get the best price. Furthermore, he or she will know which insurers are the most reliable, given your specific needs.

Insurance for a Pittsburgh Home Business

You should treat your Pittsburgh home business as if it were the same as a company in an office. Sure, it's a little different, because you get to work in your pajamas if you want, but you should still insure it like any other company. You need to have Pittsburgh business liability insurance, as well as property and casualty coverage for your Pennsylvania, PA company (even if your home-based).

Your homeowner's policy probably covers both liability and property concerns, but it won't cover you if there's a work-related accident. For example, if a friend falls on the stairs and sues you, your homeowner's policy will protect you. However, if your client sues you, coverage will probably be denied. That's why you need Pittsburgh business liability insurance.

Furthermore, if a fire burns down your Pittsburgh, PA home, your homeowner's policy will cover you for the damage. However, if you have a work computer or equipment, you need a policy to protect those assets specifically. You certainly don't want to spend time arguing with your insurance company about whether or not your equipment was for work purposes or personal use.

Sometimes, insurers will try to figure out sneaky ways to avoid reimbursing you in the case of an accident or a liability claim. Hopefully, you will find an insurance company that's reliable and won't pull any tricks, but you still don't want to give them any chances or any excuse. If you assume your company needs are covered by a homeowner's policy without confirming it with your insurer, you're making a mistake.

You may be able to get a homeowner's policy that also covers your company, thanks to a "rider". A homeowner's policy that also covers your company will probably be more affordable than two separate policies, but you need to make sure it's comprehensive. It's a good idea to ask your Pittsburgh business liability insurance agent about high-quality coverage your home business, since he or she should know a lot about it.

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