Omaha Business Liability Insurance

Omaha business liability insurance will protect your company in the case of third-party claims related to personal injury, property damage and advertising injury. If you've never heard of advertising injury, don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, even people who understand advertising injury very well have trouble defining it. The definition of advertising injury varies from person to person, and courtroom to courtroom.

While your Omaha business liability insurance will protect you from the majority third-party claims, it won't protect you from claims related to your products or professional performance. In addition to Omaha business liability insurance, you may need product liability insurance to protect your Nebraska company against claims related to your product. Also, if your Omaha business involves providing advice, or anything in which your profession may come and question, you may need malpractice as well.

Advertising Injury

If your company advertising causes harm to a third-party, it may be considered advertising injury. Examples of this include copyright, libel, invasion of privacy and trademark infringement. However, defining the term "advertising" can be challenging. Sure, there's the obvious advertising on billboards and on the television, but there are many other subtle ways in which you promote your business.

For example, if an employee says something in praise of your Omaha company which damages a competitor's reputation, you may have a claim brought against you. Hopefully, their comment will fall into the category of advertising, and your Nebraska courtroom will agree. In that case, the claim will be covered by your Omaha business liability insurance as an advertising injury claim.

However, you should be aware that the modern forms of communication may not be defined as advertising. For example, forums and other online communication avenues may not be covered by your Omaha business liability insurance. You should check with your Omaha Nebraska business insurance agent or company to find out which kinds of advertising are covered by your policy.

Also, if you intentionally publish false information, your Omaha business liability insurance will not protect you. If you lie, breach a contract, or engage in criminal behavior, you're most likely on your own. This is true for advertising injury claims, obviously, as well as any other kind of claim. Act honestly, though, and your insurance will cover you under many circumstances.

Nebraska Product Liability Insurance

If your Omaha, NE business is manufacturing or selling any kind of product, you may need to consider product liability insurance. For example, say you're manufacturing refrigerators, and one of the refrigerators fails due to a technical error on your part. Someone gets salmonella due to fridge failure, and then decides to bring a claim against you. If you do not have product liability insurance, you'll be on your own.

Naturally, if you're producing something that's not so dangerous, like pillows, your product liability policy will be less expensive. However, if you're manufacturing ovens or stoves, you can expect to pay a hefty price. Obviously, the cost of your product liability coverage will depend on the risks associated with your business.

If you're selling alcohol, you probably need a special policy (different from other product coverage). Talking to an Omaha business liability insurance agent can help you clarify whether or not you need a unique policy to cover your product, and what else you may need. Getting all aspects of your business covered should be a high priority.

Omaha Malpractice

Your basic Omaha business liability insurance won't protect you if a claim is made regarding a professional error or negligence. If your Omaha, NE work involves building houses, giving out advice, or any other sensitive task, you probably need errors and omissions or malpractice. Some people believe that malpractice only for doctors and attorneys, but most professionals actually carry malpractice (and it's wise to do so).

Technology specialists, psychiatrists, and even massage therapists may have malpractice. Not only does everyone make mistakes, people will sue for kinds of reasons. Even if only meritless claims brought against you, you need to be protected. Unfortunately, a lawsuit could easily put a small business under.

Insuring your company is not as easy as insuring a person or car. Each company has different risks, and therefore needs a specific policy that works to cover all potential gaps. You may need a separate policy to cover company products and professional work, for example, but that's not all. You need to consider company automobiles, employees, liquor, and a number of other risks.

Furthermore, you will need a policy to cover property damage in the case of of fire or natural disaster. Talking to an Omaha business liability insurance specialist can help you clarify your specific risks, and what kind of policies you need need. An agent who knows your specific industry can help you find a good plan and high-quality insurer.

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