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Oakland business liability insurance will provide necessary protection from third-party claims for your company, even if you're home-based business. Many people who operate a company from the comfort of their own home don't realize they need to have liability insurance. Your homeowners policy isn't sufficient, though, and it's important to speak with an insurance professional before assuming you don't need coverage.

If you've invented a new project or have a very unusual business, it maybe difficult to find Oakland business liability insurance. There are a number of reasons why coverage may be difficult to come by; luckily, there are a number of solutions to solve the problem. For example, you may be able to find specialty agent or get help from professionals in your field, who will point you to a suitable insurer.

Home-Based Business Liability

If you work out of your Oakland home, you may be under the impression that you don't need Oakland business liability insurance. However, if you're operating a company, you need protection just like any other company. Regardless of whether you rent or own your home, neither a homeowner's nor a renter's policy covers business operations in the house.

In other words, if a client visits you in your home, and trips and falls on your staircase, your homeowners policy will not cover you. It would cover you for a friend a family member, but not a client or customer. Oakland business liability insurance, however, would cover you if a work-related incident occurred in your house.

Note that Oakland couriers and delivery people are also considered business visitors, and your homeowners policy will not cover you if they are injured on your front steps. If they sue you, you're on your own. Also, in addition to a commercial Oakland business liability insurance policy, you may need California professional liability or product liability coverage for your work. It depends on the nature of your Oakland, CA company.

If you're working as a professional from your Oakland home, you need malpractice (also known as errors and omissions). Basic Oakland business liability insurance policies won't cover you for professional errors or negligence. While many people think malpractice insurance is just for doctors or lawyers, anyone who gives advice, constructs houses, or anything that involves professional error, needs errors and omissions coverage.

Also, if you're producing or selling any kind of product from your home, you need more than commercial Oakland business liability insurance. If you're a craftsperson, for example, and you're manufacturing arrowheads, you may want to consider product liability coverage. If someone brings a case against you regarding your art, or any product you create, basic liability insurance won't be sufficient.

It's possible that you may be able add an endorsement or a rider to your California homeowners policy to protect your company. Or, you may be able to find insurance that covers both your home and office. Talking to an Oakland agent can help you sort out various coverage options available to a home-based company.

Securing Business Coverage for a Unique Venture

If you're having trouble finding coverage for your Oakland, California company, you're most likely starting a new and innovative venture. Or, perhaps you're a wedding planner, and you're having trouble finding an insurer. It may be that insurers have no history of protecting a company like yours, and so an insurer cannot calculate the statistical risk to establish a premium.

Perhaps, you're breaking into a completely new market in CA. Or, your Oakland business liability insurance agent may not have the expertise required to find a specialty insurer. Many small California businesses cannot afford the brokers who have expertise to find the appropriate coverage. In some cases, you have to "pitch" your idea to convince an insurer to cover you.

Also, it may be that your company is somewhat similar to another, and you can create a history for the insurer by comparing your company with a similar one. In that way, the underwriters would be to establish risk. Also, certain insurance companies can create specific policies for unusual products, even very high risk ones.

If you're having trouble finding the appropriate coverage, it may help to talk with other professionals in your field. Or, you may be able to join a trade group and find an insurer that way. Also, you may be able to find an agent specifically suited for unique industries such as yours.

Actually, establishing a good relationship with an experienced Oakland business liability insurance agent is probably your best bet if you are having trouble finding coverage. Even if you're not having trouble, a good agent can make your search for an insurer much simpler. Agents know who the good insurers are, and they can help you find a good policy to suit your specific needs.

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