New Orleans Business Liability Insurance

New Orleans business liability insurance can protect your new bar, restaurant, store, office, or other business from third-party claims. In some industries, you'll need to have certain, specific policies to cover your company activities. If you're operating a restaurant or bar, for example, you'll need to have a liquor liability policy. You may want additional specialty policies for your restaurant, too, such as food contamination coverage.

You can talk to New Orleans business liability insurance agent about the different kinds of coverage you need for your particular business or industry. There are many different types of coverage, and it can be difficult to sort out what's necessary or your New Orleans company, or what kind of loss you'd take without coverage. Unfortunately, insuring your business is not as easy as insuring a car, or even a person, because every company has different requirements.

Insurance for New Orleans Restaurants

New Orleans restaurants need to have Louisiana business liability coverage to protect them from many potential problems, ranging from natural disasters to meritless lawsuits. For starters, you need a policy to protect your property if there's a fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster. Note that your basic property policy may not cover you for floods or earthquakes, in which case you need a policy that does (called "specific peril" coverage).

Your employers will need to have some kind of workers compensation, in case they are injured on the job. Workers compensation will cover their medical costs. As you know, in any restaurant, employees can be burned, or cut themselves with a knife, or slip, and so workers compensation is necessary.

Your lender may require you to have a life insurance policy, depending on your financing. You may also want to have a good life insurance policy for your family, because, as you probably know, restaurants can be very expensive to run and difficult to sell. You can talk to New Orleans insurance agent about whether or not you need this protection for your family.

Obviously, you need New Orleans business liability insurance for your restaurant. You'll need basic or general New Orleans business liability insurance to protect you if someone hurts themselves in your restaurant, and also if someone gets sick from eating your food. If your restaurant has delivery, or you have a company vehicle, you need an auto liability policy, too.

There are some extra policies that you can purchase for your restaurant. Loss of business coverage, for example, covers you if your restaurant closes after a natural disaster. You can also purchase a food contamination policy, which will replace your food if you lose power and things rot. You may not want to purchase these policies for your New Orleans restaurant, though, as they can be costly.

New Orleans Liquor Liability Insurance

If your restaurant is serving alcohol, or you're opening a bar, you need a particular kind of New Orleans business liability insurance that covers liquor. Louisiana has some of the strictest dram shop laws in the country, so you will be held liable if a customer becomes over intoxicated at your bar. Even if you hire bartenders very carefully, you need a liquor liability policy to cover you.

Liquor liability policies for Louisiana businesses will be very expensive. Unfortunately, you need to have one. Your standard New Orleans business liability insurance won't protect your bar or restaurant in the case of any alcohol related claims, and this kind of claim could easily put you out of business.

You can ask your New Orleans business liability insurance to help you find a good policy to cover liquor related claims against your business. There are number of things that you need to look for in this kind of policy, including assault and battery coverage, for example. Actually, most LA claims against bars and restaurants are actually a result of fights that break out.

You also want to make sure that your Louisiana liquor liability policy includes the defense costs, and will pay all your legal fees. Some insurers sell policies where defense costs are subtracted from total coverage, which greatly reduces the value of the policy. Also, New Orleans business liability insurance policies that cover liquor, should include employees. Your employees will drink, and you need them to be covered as patrons.

Also, talk to your New Orleans business liability insurance agent about finding an insurer that will reduce your premiums if you keep up with safety practices. Some LA insurance companies will greatly reduce your premiums if you offer training to your employees and keep your bar or restaurant clean, organized and safe. Also, make sure your liquor policy includes mental damages, because some claims may involve accusations about stress or emotional pain. You want to make sure that your liquor policy has broad coverage.

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