Montana Business Liability Insurance

Montana business liability insurance protects your business against the accidental injury, whether that injury is bodily injury, damage to property, or whether it is some kind of financial injury that is caused by advertisements. There are different forms of accidental injury that is covered when there are financial consequences due to payment for those injuries. When dealing with something such as bodily injury, the medical expenses can be quite high depending upon the type of injury and the extent of it.

Other types of injuries that are covered by Montana business liability insurance can include injuries that are the result of products that you manufacture or sell and so much more. It is necessary that you make sure your coverage matches your needs. Since every company is different, the needs are different, which is why there are different options that are available for the many types of businesses that are out there.

Basic Business Insurance Coverage

There is a basic form of coverage that is offered to all who sign up for Montana business liability insurance. In the case of bodily injury, which is automatically covered when you purchase a policy, you are protected against having to pay the medical care costs that you may have to pay. You are also protected against any compensation awarded to another party for the wrongful death of a loved one that was due to the negligence of someone within your company.

Another form of basic coverage within your Montana business liability insurance policy is the property damage protection. Everyone within your MT company can be as careful as possible, yet an accident can still occur. And sometimes it is not necessarily what a company does, but it is what a company doesn't do that can cause some kind of property damage. In the case that this occurs, your Montana liability insurance is going to cover the physical damage to the property and will cover the loss of use.

Keep in mind, however, that the property damage portion of your Montana business liability insurance is not necessarily to cover property that you are working on and may accidentally damage. The damage must be inflicted in another way rather than an error made during repair. For example, you are an auto mechanic working on a number of vehicles that are parked in your garage. Suddenly, a fire breaks out that destroys those vehicles. Luckily, you have liability insurance that is designed to cover your Montana business.

Advertising injury is also an area that is covered by your Montana business liability insurance. What this does is protect you against the financial consequences of a lawsuit that states your advertising caused financial harm to another business. For instance, you may do a comparison add that states your product is better than the competitor's. If the competitor can prove that the ad caused them financial harm, they can recover the damages.

Optional Montana Liability Coverage

Optional Montana business liability insurance coverages are very important in that this is the part where the individual needs of the company are met. This is the part where the differences are covered. For instance, if your company manufactures products and a product causes bodily harm to someone and they can prove that the product caused the bodily harm, medical damages may be due to them. This is one of the reasons why companies have to do recalls on products. If a product causes harm, then the company usually has to remove it from sale.

Contractual liability is another area of Montana insurance for businesses. This covers contractual agreements such as building leases, easement-of-license agreements, agreements that indemnify a municipality, and other such contractual agreements. If there is some kind of breach within these contracts that cause financial damage and that breach was unintentional, then you can be protected by Montana business liability insurance against the lawsuit that has been filed against you.

A third area that is business-specific is that of MT liquor liability. This is a type of Montana business insurance that is specific to those that sell alcohol in some way. Bars and liquor stores should carry this coverage because there are laws that hold the establishment that sold the alcohol to be held responsible in some capacity if the purchaser was in an accident that injured another. So that means the family of a person killed by a drunk driver can find out where the alcohol was purchased and hold the establishment liable.

There are other forms Montana business liability insurance options, such as that that covers employee injuries and liability automobile coverage for vehicles that are used to conduct business. It is very important that you carry the appropriate Montana insurance to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage. Gaps can be quite expensive.

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