How do I Monitor Employee Productivity?

So you are wondering how to best monitor your employees productivity. You don't want to be the overbearing boss that doesn't trust people to do their job, but you also need to get the most of your employees that you can. This is a common place for a business owner to find themselves. The best way to accomplish this is as simple as setting an appropriate dress code for your employees, so simple it will blow your mind. It is so genius in it simplicity yet so easy to do you will wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.

Before we tell you this genius idea we want to give you permission to pretend that you thought of it. You will look like the easy-going boss that you are, but you will get the results you need, and you will have demonstrable proof of each person's productivity. This idea will cost very little to implement but it will require that you make a commitment and see it through if you want results. Prepare to be amazed.

Goals, Goals, Goals

The first step to implementing the plan we humbly call, "The Most Amazing Productivity Monitoring Plan Ever" is to call a staff meeting. This first meeting will get the ball rolling and subsequent short meetings will keep the ball in play. At this first meeting, each employee will set goals for the week. These goals should be easily measured. For instance, if you are looking to reach sale's goals they must be written down and collected at the end of the meeting. The next meeting will be a chance to assess where each employee is in relation to their initial goals. If they met the goals with no problem, the bar wasn't set high enough.

The next meeting will be your chance to up the ante. You must challenge your employees to push their target goals even higher. It is not yet time to counsel anyone that is struggling. You have to give people a chance to accept the goal-oriented productivity system. If after a few chances you are starting to see that an employee is not interested in meeting their stated goals, you have your answer. You will know without any additional information that that individual is not giving you the best they have to offer.

Simplicity in Action

Now, we realize that this plan is not going to print out a chart with exact numbers at the end of month that will tell you to a tenth of a percent exactly how much you are getting out of each person, but it will quickly identify the people who are there to work. Result-oriented employees will almost always give you maximum productivity because that is who they are.

As you continue to encourage every employee to set weekly goals you will have a significant advantage that you did not have before. You will get a weekly look at the determination and commitment of each person on your payroll. When you compare the fiscal numbers at the end of the month or the quarter you can quickly get an idea of your employee productivity and if the goals approach is working.

So there it is. We are sure that the guys at MIT could come up with an algorithm or something more exact and computerized, but for now this is a good way to insert yourself in the process. You will be in charge of productivity. You will see the results on a weekly basis. You will see who is giving their all and getting results. When you monitor employee productivity this way it puts you front and center in the process.

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