Modesto Business Liability Insurance

Modesto business liability insurance will provide necessary protection for your company against third-party claims related to personal injury, property damage and advertising injury. If you've never heard advertising injury, don't worry, you're not alone. Advertising injury is difficult to define in a California courtroom. You should ask your Modesto business liability insurance how advertising entries defined to see whether or not you're covered under most circumstances.

Regardless of the extent of your advertising injury coverage, Modesto business liability insurance won't be sufficient to cover your company risks. Even if you're operating your business out of your home, you need property insurance to cover you in the case of a natural disaster. Your homeowners policy won't cover you for work-related activity in the home, so you need an additional California insurance policy to protect you. You may be able to get this policy as part of a package, called a Business Owner's Policy or BOP.

Advertising Injury Claims

Advertising injury claims will most likely come from your competitors. These claims are typically related to copyright, trademark infringement, libel and so forth. The difficult part comes when you're trying to define advertising. Obviously, there's advertising in magazines and newspapers which is pretty straightforward. However, there are many other kinds of advertising that are more subtle.

For example, social media promotions online may or may not be considered advertising. Furthermore, any statement that your company makes to promote goods for services may be considered advertising. However, that depends on your Modesto business liability insurance and also on California law.

Generally, to be defined advertising, the activity must involve some kind of communication to the public. Most courts will claim that any kind of self-promotion, dissemination of promotional material, or even solicitation of business is advertising. However, that's not always the case, and online activity is sometimes excluded.

Also, as noted, these claims usually come from your competitors. If they don't come from your competitors, though, your Modesto business liability insurance policy won't cover you. Advertising injury is meant to defend the company from its competitors, not for problems between the insured and its customers. So, if a client brings and advertising injury claim against your Modesto company, you're not covered. Luckily, that's a rare scenario.

In order for a claim to be advertising injury, an attorney must be able to prove the offense was a direct result of advertising. If they can't, your Modesto business liability insurance company will cover you. Furthermore, there are certain exceptions. If you knowingly publish false information or act dishonestly, for example, you cannot expect your insurer to cover you.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

In addition to Modesto business liability insurance, you need to have a policy to protect your property. Protecting your liability is absolutely essential, but so is insuring your Modesto, CA property. In the case of a natural disaster such as a fire, your liability insurance won't do you any good. Check out these liability insurance quotes to see what is available.

Business liability insurance protects you from liability claims related to property damage, but it doesn't cover your Modesto, CA property itself. A fire or related accident can be devastating for your small business, and you need to have this coverage. One way to get both liability coverage and property insurance for your Modesto, CA company is to purchase a BOP.

A BOP includes both Modesto business liability insurance and property coverage. A BOP may be the least expensive way to cover all of the insurance needs of your Modesto company. However, not all companies are eligible for a BOP. If you're in the automobile industry, for example, you're probably out of luck.

However, many small to medium-sized businesses in Modesto are eligible for this coverage. A BOP is arguably the best way to get both your liability and property insurance in a package bundle. It tends to be relatively expensive if it's only offered to low-risk businesses.

If you're serving on alcohol or you have a very large restaurant, you may not be eligible. However, if you're simply opening a small store, it may be a great option for you. If you think you may be eligible it's worth checking with an agent to find out, because you can save a significant amount of money. It also simplifies the process if you find just one insurer to cover all of your needs.

When you're looking for a Modesto business liability insurance company to protect you, you may want to ask whether or not they have a BOP option. You will also want to ask for quotes, and compared the rates of similar policies of different insurers. You want to choose an insurer that has a solid reputation and a low premium. Whatever you do, don't just choose the cheapest insurer. Remember, coverage is only as good as the company you choose.

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