Milwaukee Business Liability Insurance

Milwaukee business liability insurance agents can help you find quality coverage for your small company. Standard commercial general liability includes protection against third-party claims related to property, bodily injury, personal injury and advertising injury. Your insurer will cover all legal fees, including your attorney fees and police report costs.

Your Milwaukee business liability insurance company will also cover the cost of a settlement. Furthermore, if you need to appear in court, your insurance company will pay reasonable expenses, such as covering the income lost for the day. If a court requires you to post bond ensuring that you can pay potential judgment, your Milwaukee business liability insurance company will pay the premium for the bond.

What is Advertising Injury?

Standard Milwaukee business liability insurance covers advertising injury. Advertising injury includes claims related to invasion of privacy, defamation and infringement of copyright. Wisconsin advertising injury coverage has been included in most commercial policies since 1986. Before then, defense against advertising injury required an additional premium.

In order to be covered for an advertising injury claim, your Milwaukee, WI business will need to prove that the claim is indeed related to the "advertising" activity of your company. The exact definition of advertising injury can be difficult to pin down. Most courts claim that activities such as self-promotion, solicitation of business and dissemination of promotional information fall into the advertising category.

Generally, advertising must involve communication to the public. Note that advertising injury protects a Wisconsin business from claims made by competitors, not for litigation between the insured and its customers. In other words, Milwaukee companies in your field are the most likely to bring up an advertising injury claim involving libel, slander, or copyright infringement, and you are protected from them (but not your clients or customers).

In order to be covered by your Milwaukee business liability insurance company for an advertising injury claim, an attorney needs to be able to prove that the offense was a direct result of you advertising activities. Otherwise, your insurer will not cover you. Other exceptions include breach of contract, knowledge of falsity or intellectual property claims. As you might expect, if you lie, cheat or act dishonestly in any way, you cannot expect your insurer to cover you.

Commercial Auto Liability insurance

Usually, a standard Milwaukee business liability insurance plan will not cover company vehicles, unless you add it to your policy. If your company involves driving, you should most likely purchase a commercial auto policy. Your personal Milwaukee auto insurance doesn't cover company vehicles, so if you're using your car for work, you may not be covered.

If you or your employees will use vehicles for work-related purposes, you need commercial auto liability coverage. You certainly don't want to spend time arguing with your Wisconsin insurance agency about whether or not you were using the car for personal or business purposes. And, a serious car accident could easily wipe out a small Milwaukee business if this coverage is not in place.

A Milwaukee commercial auto liability policy works like a personal auto policy. This insurance covers any repairs and vehicle damages, as well as payment claims of third party injured in the accident. You may need to purchase "non-owned" auto coverage as well, to protect your Wisconsin company when you or your employees use their own cars for work.

Fleet insurance is an option if your WI company has a number of vehicles. A fleet policy may be less expensive than individual, per car policies. Note that you can also keep your premiums low by paying attention to certain details. For example, hiring employees with clean driving records, using safety rated cars, and maintaining a high deductible (if possible), will help you keep rates low.

Choosing a Broker or Agent

Milwaukee business liability insurance agents usually work with small companies. Brokers usually work with larger businesses that have a higher risk and more employees. The first thing you want to do is decide whether you want an agent or broker, and then you can begin the interviewing process.

You want to choose Milwaukee business liability insurance agent or broker who promptly returns your calls. Also, you want to make it clear that you only expect to use them temporarily, and you will continue working with them only if they provide excellent service. There are plenty of professionals out there willing to work with you, so you can go ahead and demand the very best.

Your agent or broker should help you choose a Milwaukee business liability insurance company that is trustworthy and well-priced. Remember, your Milwaukee business liability policy is only as good as the insurer you choose to work with. Protecting your company's liability is extremely important, since a high-stakes lawsuit could easily crumple even a very stable, productive company.

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