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Mesa business liability insurance typically has an occurrence limit and an aggregate limit. The occurrence limit is the maximum amount that a policy will pay for one single claim. The aggregate limit, on the other hand, is the maximum amount an insurer will pay for all the occasions together. It is important to understand Mesa business liability insurance limits and exclusions before purchasing a policy.

For example, environmental claims are a key exclusion. If your company may harm the environment, you probably want to consider environmental liability policy in addition to your basic policy. If you are knowingly harming the environment, the policy won't cover you, but if an accident such as a spill occurs, and environmental policy can save your business. If you're unsure, a Mesa business liability insurance agent can help you understand whether an environmental liability policy is a good idea for your Arizona company.

Insurance Limits

Mesa business liability insurance should pay all legal fees, damages, and settlement fees. Your insurer has the duty to defend, and therefore cover your legal fees. Your Arizona business liability insurer also has the duty to indemnify; in other words, all costs and damages are covered. However, you should be careful to see whether or not your limits include the legal fees or exclude them.

If your Mesa business liability insurance includes legal fees in the limit, then you need to have higher limits than you think. Legal fees are extremely costly, so if they're included in your occurrence and aggregate limits, there won't be much left over to pay settlement fees or damages. If the limits are too low for your Mesa Arizona company, you may want to consider purchasing an umbrella liability policy in addition.

An umbrella policy will basically pick up the extra cost, when a claim surpasses your limits. For example, if your occurrence limit is $2 million, and your settlement fee is $3 million, your umbrella policy would pick up the extra million. An umbrella policy may be less expensive way to get higher limits. You should reasonable about the likelihood of a lawsuit, and be sure not to underestimate the high cost of legal fees.


Your Mesa business liability insurance covers third-party claims against your Arizona company. Potential claims can be related to property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. However, your policy won't cover all claims, and there are a number of important exceptions. It's important to understand the exclusions in a policy in order to protect yourself from unexpected holes.

As a general rule, if you lie, cheat, or act dishonestly, your business insurance won't cover you. Furthermore, Mesa business liability insurance won't be sufficient to cover your company's needs. If a natural disaster hits your Mesa, AZ office or store, you need property insurance to cover the damages.

Your Mesa business liability insurance doesn't protect you from employee claims, either. It only deals with third-party claims, which means your employees are excluded from the policy. You may need an additional policy to cover your employees, and possible cases regarding harassment or wrongful termination.

Your business liability insurance doesn't cover claims made about your products, nor does it cover any liquor related claims. It doesn't cover commercial vehicles, either, unless you have an add-on in your policy. And, it doesn't cover pollution related claims, so you need an additional policy if your Mesa company could damage the environment.

Environmental Liability

A pollution policy will provide coverage for claims related to the accidental release of hazardous material. It will also cover for claims regarding the contamination of water, land or air, and it may even cover cleanup costs. However, once again, environmental liability policies only work if your Mesa business is not intentionally polluting.

Mesa environmental business insurance policies will protect your company from claims related to bodily injury and property damage that are caused by hazardous materials from your company. Again, if you're a Mesa, AZ company may be damaging the environment, this is a valuable policy. Pollution may be far-reaching, injuring both people and property.

Developers, real estate managers, general manufacturing companies, and commercial property owners may want to consider environmental policies. Pollution claims to be surprising and extremely damaging for business. If you may be at risk for an environment related claim, you should definitely talk to an agent about this policy.

Unfortunately, Mesa business liability insurance can be rather complicated. and insuring a company is not like insuring a person or car. Each company has different requirements and different risks. Therefore, each plan must be specially catered to work for a particular company. Setting the limits, preparing for possible risks, and choosing an insurer can be a challenge. Luckily, there are number of good insurance agents who can help you find the appropriate policies to protect your company.

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