Massachusetts Business Liability Insurance

Massachusetts business liability insurance provides a number of benefits that keep you from having to pay the consequences of a lawsuit. Many businesses throughout Massachusetts are making sure that they have the appropriate coverage to make sure they don't have to face the monetary damages. However, sometimes the appropriate coverage goes beyond the limits of your primary business liability insurance.

You have add-on coverage and you have umbrella coverage as well. You can add what you need to add to your policy to make sure you have the right protection. If you are not yet covered with Massachusetts business liability insurance, then you do need to make sure that you are and ensure that there are no holes in your coverage.

Umbrella Insurance Policy

An umbrella insurance policy goes beyond what your limits are. For instance, if you opt for $1 million in protection through your Business liability and you feel you need more, you can add an umbrella. This umbrella is going to take care of any money in a settlement that goes beyond your limit. This is how you can prevent your small business from having to use profits or assets to pay a MA liability claim against you.

As for the effect that adding an umbrella has on your Massachusetts business liability insurance premium, the effect is one that is minimal. The premium is not going to be as much as it would be if you were to have a separate policy that would take care of the difference. As a matter of fact, the idea behind umbrellas is to make sure you get a discount on additional coverage. You shouldn't have to take out an entirely separate policy when all you need to do is add some padding to an existing Massachusetts policy.


There are add-ons that you can add to your Massachusetts business liability insurance to ensure that you are properly covered. For example, product liability coverage is a must for those businesses that manufacture goods. The reason is because you never know when something may occur that will cause something to go wrong during the manufacturing process. If something goes wrong, then that could cause a defect with the product. This defect could hurt someone.

Most businesses don't know when a manufacturing defect occurs. If they did, they would fix it before the product hit the sales floor. Due to this reality, individuals become injured in some way, they file a lawsuit because of those injuries, and then the business the lawsuit is against has to pay. Fortunately, Massachusetts business liability insurance helps with the cost. In most cases, the Massachusetts liability insurance can pay all of the damages, including court costs. However, you want to make sure you have an umbrella if you ever feel that the maximum limit is not enough for you.

For example, if you need automobile coverage, make sure you add that to your Massachusetts liability insurance as well. This is for when you are operating vehicles in order to carry out your business operations. They should be company-owned vehicles to do such things as deliver furniture, transport employees to provide services, and other such uses. That way if an accident occurs, the injured, your employee, and your vehicles are covered.

Evaluate what areas you can use additional coverage so that you can make sure you are completely covered financially. Any holes in your Massachusetts business liability insurance means that you are going to be vulnerable to lawsuits because of those holes. Even if you feel that lawsuits in those exposed areas are not likely, don't take any chances. Sometimes, that small percentage of chance does occur.

Reducing Risks

There are a number of ways you can reduce the amount of risk in your Massachusetts business so that you can also reduce the probability of having to make a claim on your Massachusetts business liability insurance. Although your Massachusetts insurance is there to protect you, you don't want to use it if you can help it so that you can keep your premium low.

So to reduce your chances of a Massachusetts business liability insurance claim, evaluate policies with your employees once per month. You may even want to send them to a MA sensitivity training seminar to train against harassment. You can also do such things as maintain your office space, inspect for hazards several times per day, restrict access to hazardous areas, implement smoke detectors and alarms, and make sure employees and contractors are properly trained.

When you know how to minimize risk and ensure that your Massachusetts business liability insurance covers every area in which you need protection, you will feel much more secure. You want to be able to make money without fear of loss. In the end, everyone in your company will benefit.

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