Louisiana Business Liability Insurance

Louisiana business liability insurance provides businesses with a number of protections that includes protection against physical injuries due to negligence, advertising injury done to other companies, property damage, and various other damages as outlined by your policy. In other words, you can be protected from some very expensive claims against you.

There is another area that you can opt for protection and that is the area of employers' liability. If you employ people, then this is an area of your Louisiana business liability insurance that you want to consider. Although workers' compensation is required by employers who employ individuals in the state of Louisiana, but LA employers' liability is something that is completely different because it covers some areas that workers' compensation doesn't.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Louisiana employers' liability insurance does cover employee injury. If the injury is due to the negligence of the business and the employee would file a lawsuit against the business to cover damages that they cannot afford, such as the medical costs and various other losses, then it is this part of the Louisiana business liability insurance that will cover it. It is important that this protection is provided in this way because it fills in gaps that workers' compensation leaves open.

Another area that is covered by your insurance is wage disputes. This part of your Louisiana business insurance will help you to pay any missing wages that an employee is able to prove they have not been paid. For instance, they may file a claim against you for unpaid overtime. This is something that can be done by both former and present employees and is something you should be prepared for. The unpaid overtime claim is something that has occurred frequently in Louisiana and is not always an intentional act by the business. Paying overtime is the law and any company is not going to intentionally violate a law in which they can easily get caught.

In addition to wage disputes, your Louisiana business liability insurance can also cover disputes that state an individual has not received the pay they should have. For example, they find out that a person within the company who has less experience gets paid more, while working in a lower position. If a person can prove that they should have been paid more, they may be entitled to a check owing them what they should have been paid. Depending upon the amount of time in which the person was underpaid will determine the amount of money that is paid.

And if an employee has been harassed by another and they have reported it to you, but it doesn't stop, they may file a lawsuit. Their lawsuit may state that your company allowed the harassment to occur, but the truth may be that the actions you took didn't stop the harasser and you were not aware that the harassment had not stopped. If it is found that your business could have done more to protect the employee, then you may find that you're liable. You want to have Louisiana business liability insurance in place to cover the settlement amount that the employee requests for their pain and suffering.

As you can see, you are offered a significant degree of protection under the employers' liability section of your Louisiana business liability insurance. Keep in mind, however, that this is an optional part of your Louisiana business liability insurance. If you are entertaining the idea of adding it onto your policy, make sure you acquire quotes so that you can compare rates.

Compared to Workers' Compensation

As you probably already know, workers' compensation in Louisiana is not going to cover wage disputes, issues dealing with hours worked, and harassment issues. It is going to cover injuries that occur within the workplace. If a person is injured through no fault of their own, their workers' compensation will pay for their medical expenses to an extent. Unfortunately, there are those individuals in Louisiana who have difficulty acquiring their compensation, so they may also turn to your insurance.

There are plenty of individuals who have sustained other damages due to their injuries who will file a lawsuit against the employer, especially if they feel the accident was due to employer negligence. If that's the case, your Louisiana business liability insurance has you covered. You just have to worry about the cost of your premium and any deductibles you may have.

So make sure you are covered in all relevant areas of your business. Your Louisiana business liability insurance provides you with the options that you need to make sure you are not vulnerable. Evaluate all areas of your company and see what forms of LA liability insurance can cover you. That way you can go on with your every day operations without any worries.

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