Where Should I Look for Qualified Applicants?

It is time to look for new and qualified employees for your company. If you are new to the hiring process, you may feel especially concerned about how to find the right person for the job. The Internet provides a vast amount of opportunities for posting job classifieds and reviewing resumes, but there are still good off line resources to make use of as well.

Should I Look Online for the Best Applicants?

There are online and off line places to look for applicants suited to the position. It is mostly up to you and your preferences as how you do the majority of your searching. But, if you can combine both approaches, you can make your search less time consuming and more efficient. The online search can really help speed up the process of finding a good amount of candidates in a relatively short period of time with little start up cost.

If you post ads for the job position or decide to look at individual resumes posted online, it can save a lot of time to skim over all the initial information you find online. You can easily weed out those that are not right immediately. If the job can be performed at any location, you can narrow your search down pretty quickly to those individuals willing to work remotely instead of those only located in you community. If your ice cream shop is in need of an assistant manager, on the other hand, you probably need to search for someone local or someone willing to commute.

Many individuals searching for qualified applicants might find the simplicity with which they find a number of job seekers in a short period of time a big benefit to using online methods. Others might feel that online searches are somewhat less personal and want to know exactly who they are going to not only possibly hire, but first meet in person for an interview. Take some time to keep an eye on websites that offer job postings from businesses like yours and, in the meantime, try off line search methods as well.

What Are Good Places to Find Candidates in Person?

You might try looking for good candidates through a local temporary agency. No matter what line of work your business is involved in, there is probably a temporary agency suited to it located near you. If you need secretarial help, there are sure to be plenty of local agencies to help you find good help. If you run a small profession such as an accounting firm, there are local temporary agencies that specialize in finding qualified help to professions like yours.

A benefit to looking for qualified candidates through a temporary agency is you get to try them out on the job. If the person is not right, you can keep searching either through the agency or by way of the other methods you are using. Other places to look for good applicants in person are job fairs. Many local colleges or high schools might provide qualified applicants who have just graduated from their programs, and this can be helpful in selecting someone trained specifically within the field your business operates. These fairs may only occur a few times each year, however.

Finding sources for qualified applicants depends upon the needs your business has, your personal preferences and other factor. It can be convenient to take advantage of the ease with which you can locate qualified applicants in a relatively short time using online methods. At the same time, you can see that there are still great in-person resources to conduct qualified applicant searches as well.

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