Long Beach Business Liability Insurance

Long Beach business liability insurance can be catered to fit specific company needs. If you're starting a publishing company, for example, you may need media liability insurance. If your company is at risk for polluting the environment, you may need an environmental policy. Simply purchasing a general commercial policy isn't sufficient for most businesses.

A basic Long Beach business liability insurance policy will protect you against most third-party claims made against your company. These claims can be related to property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. In other words, if someone is injured on your property, or claims you committed libel against him or her, you're (probably) covered.

However, claims that are related to professional errors, won't be covered by a basic commercial policy. So, anyone who's giving advice or building houses, for example may need malpractice or errors and admissions. Media companies may need protection for invasion of privacy claims, claims regarding unfair competition, copyright infringement, and specific charges that are not covered by your basic Long Beach business liability insurance. Also, if you're an author freelance writer, you may want to have California business liability insurance, but it can be hard to find a good policy.

Media Liability Insurance

Long Beach business liability insurance is different from malpractice, but a commercial media policy includes malpractice (or "errors and omissions") in the written word. Media liability can also be called communications liability insurance. If your California company publishes or broadcasts any kind of material, you may need a media policy to keep you from being liable.

Most publishers and writers worry about libel claims and copyright infringement claims, but few are aware of the number of malpractice cases. A so-called error on the part of the writer, could lead to an expensive Long Beach lawsuit. A client who is not happy with the results, for example, may bring up a claim against you or a writer for your publication, just to avoid paying.

Long Beach bloggers, authors, publishers, motion picture companies, web developers and other individuals may benefit from some kind of media related insurance policy. If you aren't sure whether or not you or your California company would benefit from this coverage, talk to Long Beach business liability insurance agent that specializes in your industry. Obviously, the media industry has different requirements than other industries, so you need to work with a specialist.

If you're a Long Beach author, you may be frustrated when you find out that your publisher wants you to take responsibility in the case of a lawsuit regarding your book. And, you may find that it's very difficult to get a policy that protects you as a writer from being liable in such cases. If you can, make sure that your publisher is liable for any suits regarding your work.

Long Beach Environmental Liability Insurance

If your Long Beach, California business might damage the environment, you should consider an environmental or pollution policy. This policy can be useful for commercial property owners, manufacturing companies, developers or contractors, real estate managers and related businesses. Your basic Long Beach business liability insurance will not cover you for claims related to pollution or harming the environment.

An environmental policy will protect your Long Beach company from claims related to property damage or bodily injury that stem from pollution. A policy like this can also cover the cleanup costs related to pollution. Basically, an environmental pollution policy will protect you for all claims involving the contamination of land, air, or water, in the case of a spill or accident.

Of course, if your CA business intentionally pollutes the environment, it will be difficult to find a Long Beach business liability insurance company that will protect you. Environmental pollution policies are only meant to be used when there's an accident. Or, if your industry is polluting the environment unbeknownst to you, this kind of policy might cover your company.

In general, Long Beach business liability insurance only covers you in the case of unintentional wrongdoing. If you're lying, intentionally hurting someone, or acting dishonestly in anyway, don't expect your CA insurer to protect your business. Your insurer only protects you for accidents that you couldn't prevent. Or, in the case of malpractice, for errors that were, again, "unintentional".

Long Beach business liability insurance can be rather complicated. It's hard to know what you need for your particular business or specialty, and exactly how much coverage you need. What should your limits be, for example? Are you protected in case of a natural disaster, such as a flood? If your business has to close after a fire, will your income be covered? Talking to an agent can help you better determine how much coverage you need, and he or she can help you choose quality insurer.

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