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Jacksonville business liability insurance will protect your small company from third-party claims. The type of insurance you need depends on the nature of your business. If you're operating a bar, for example, you may need to have a liquor liability policy. If you have a professional office in Jacksonville, you need to have malpractice or "Errors and Omissions".

You will also you decide whether you need claims made coverage or occurrence coverage for your business. Again, it depends on the nature of your business. If you have employees, you will probably want to consider employers' liability insurance and workers compensation. There are a number of other add-ons you may want to consider as well, such is the commercial auto policy, product liability insurance, and an umbrella policy.

Consider Liquor Liability

If you're opening a restaurant or pub, you might want to consider asking your Jacksonville business liability insurance company about whether they have a liquor policy you can add. On the other hand, you may not think it's worth it, because Florida has relatively casual dram laws. In other words, you're most likely not liable if you serve alcohol to someone who is too drunk. In other states, you can be held accountable, but not in Jacksonville, Florida.

There are two exceptions, however. If an individual serves alcohol to a minor in Jacksonville, that individual can be accountable for any damages caused. Furthermore, if an individual serves alcohol to a someone who they know is habitually addicted to alcohol, he or she may be liable. In other words, if the bar tender you hire serves alcohol to a drunk or a minor who then goes out and crashes, your bartender may be liable for damages.

Talk to a Jacksonville business liability insurance agent about liquor liability if you're serving, manufacturing or supplying alcohol. The policy is less expensive in Florida than other states, due to the flexible dram laws. Note that your standard Florida commercial liability policy will not protect you from alcohol related claims.

The policy should include assault and battery coverage, since claims against bars and restaurants are often a result of fights. You should also make sure it covers defense fees, since legal fees will be your greatest expense. Also, make sure your employees will be covered as patrons, because they'll certainly drink. Note that Jacksonville business liability insurance companies will reduce your premiums if you have safety training and no claim history.

Claims Made or Occurrence?

You will need to decide whether you should purchase a claims made or an occurrence policy to cover your Jacksonville business. A claims made policy only covers your company during the time you're paying for coverage. In other words, say you build a house, and then sell your Jacksonville business and stop paying insurance. If the house falls down ten years later and someone brings a claim against your company, you're not covered.

However, if you purchase occurrence coverage, and you build a house, you always have Jacksonville business liability insurance for that house. Of course, occurrence policies don't take into account inflation, and they're more expensive. So, it depends on your line of work. If you're opening a restaurant or store, claims made coverage is probably fine, but if you're starting a construction company, you might consider occurrence.

Talking to a Jacksonville business liability insurance professional can help you determine whether claims made or occurrence policies would best suit your company. You might find out that occurrence policies are not available in your industry or profession. Claims made coverage is generally more readily available from Jacksonville business liability insurance companies.

Have Employees?

If you have employees, you may want to ask a Jacksonville business liability insurance agent about covering claims they might make against your FL company. Employment practices liability insurance or EPLI will cover claims made by your employees. For example, wrongful termination charges or harassment claims may be filed against your company.

EPLI doesn't cover intentional injuries caused by the company. However, it does cover intentional injuries caused by the employee, unbeknownst to the company. EPLI doesn't cover claims related to the disabilities act, punitive damages, FL state employment law violations and a number of other exceptions. You'll want to check your EPLI policy carefully, as it may have a "hammer clause" that means you have to settle even meritless claims.

Your Jacksonville business liability insurance agent can help you pick a high-quality EPLI policy or package. Business insurance is relatively complicated, due to all the bits and pieces, but it's also quite simple. All you really need is to get covered by a very good Jacksonville company, whom you trust. If you have a good policy and a good company on your side, you will be safe if any claims are brought against you.

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