Interviewing Potential Employees

You need to interview the best candidates you can find. Whether your business has grown enough that it is time to hire your first new employees or whether your business is seeing a turn over and you need to find replacements for your staff, you want the most reliable and qualified workers on your side. But, how do you know you are finding the right people based upon a fifteen-minute long meeting?

Asking the Right Questions Can Help

If you have experience in hiring employees for your company, you may have found that just because a candidate walks in for an interview with the right attitude, the right qualifications and so forth, they still wind up being the wrong fit down the road. This is disappointing and costly for both you and your employee. Naturally, asking the right questions during the interview process and taking advantage of small business social networking can help you both avoid going through such a scenario.

You do not have to delve into personal matters, although there are some firms that believe checking a potential employee's credit history after a second interview for some positions is crucial. If a person is not willing to show they can manage their finances responsibly, you might think twice before having them on board as your assistant bookkeeper, for example. On the other hand, you do not need to broach this sort of topic during an initial interview.

What kinds of questions may assist you in whittling down the choices for your next new hires include asking what the candidate feels are their strengths and weaknesses. Anyone who can honestly answer these questions, without hesitancy and with sincerity shows that they possess a degree of integrity. Certainly, you want employees who you can trust, so ask questions that might make a potential new hire do a little thinking on the spot.

Speaking of putting your job candidate on the spot, you also want to be sure that any information regarding education and experience on their resume, can be explained more in detail and with accuracy. Again, look for your candidate to answer you candidly and promptly. Any hesitation with regard to what their education prepared them for job-wise is a red flag. It is easy to fact check resume contents for the most part by calling references or even doing research online.

What Questions Are Off Limits?

Since you need to ask whatever questions will help you find the best employee, most questions within reason regarding the scope of the position will be fine. For example, you could ask them to tell you how they would handle a customer service issue. How do they say they would handle an upset client or customer if they are the only one answering busy phones while needing to stay on a status report deadline? As you can see, you stand to benefit a lot by asking questions such as this, which are not as personal as they are revealing.

Of course, you can still find out what they say about gaps in their employment history or layoffs and so forth. If you wind up interviewing potential employees a second time prior to hiring them you might even choose to run their credit history at that point. While this tactic may be debatable due to its personal nature, if you are looking for an accounting or bookkeeping associate, you need someone with the utmost integrity to manage your business's finances. The way they handle their own finances from the looks of their credit report can be a revelation which could save your business and your potential hire time, trouble and money down the road.

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