How Can I Host a Successful Job Fair?

Hosting a successful job fair is easy way for you to find qualified job seekers to attend your event. It is not difficult to get people to attend your job fair. The challenge lies in getting the word out that your event is happening. There are multiple ways to spread the word without taking too much of your time or funds. What can you offer at the job fair that is going to set it apart from others? How can you ensure that you get the right people to attend?

Matching Skills

When you host a job fair for your company or a combination of employers you are offering the public the chance to come in and sell themselves to prospective employers. This is a great way to get to know people in person and let them sell you on their skills. Getting people to your event won't be difficult as long as the word is out that it is happening. You can begin by contacting the local media and getting the word out in the paper or on the news. There might be interest in your event for the "City" section of your local paper a week or so before the job fair.

Notifying your local unemployment office or job services companies can cull some hidden talent out of the local labor pool. They will generally hang an advertisement if you provide one or a poster of their own notifying their customers of your event. This is a great, inexpensive way to get a buzz started. If you are offering quality, high-paying positions you will probably see word spread on its own a bit but don't count on it. You still need to do the leg work to spread the word.

When you first start advertising your job fair make sure you have all the information that anyone would need on one poster or invitation. If you have materials ready to go upfront, you will never miss an opportunity to advertise your event. How can you effectively use social media to get a good turnout, and what can you provide at the event to keep people interested?

Social Media

Using social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, is vital to a successful job fair. Building up followers and "Likes" is important for this exact reason. You need to have a following so your announcements travel faster. On Facebook you can post status updates asking all of your Facebook friends to share the news that your company is hosting a job fair. Most people will be anxious to share the news with all their friends. The right post can spread like wildfire.

At your event you should consider offering some light snacks and refreshments. This can put everyone at ease. Make sure there is access to restrooms. Ensure that every person entering the event knows exactly how to behave. This could be a bit intimidating. Let them know the general process, where they should go first, give them a chance to relax before approaching each table. Encourage them to sit and have a cookie or a cup of coffee. Make sure there are breath mints out on the table.

You can host a successful job fair by putting yourself in the shoes of the applicants. Think about what you would want. How do you generally get your job information? Treat this like the job interview you wish you could have. When you approach it this way it is sure to be a success and you are sure to get a lot of talent to choose from.

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