Hiring a Human Resources Manager

Hiring a human resources manager can streamline your business operations and facilitate growth. Human resources managers wear many hats, and their roles can vary in every company. Some are involved in attracting talent and hiring new employees; many help train employees and assist with professional development; they may also deal with assessment and review of current employees. The human resources manager is responsible for keeping the company compliant with employment and labor laws, and she may deal with legal issues and other problems in the workplace like sexual harassment and mediating disagreements amongst coworkers.

Small companies tend to dole out these jobs among various departments. The question is, when is it time to hire a human resources manager? When the company grows too large for several individuals to efficiently manage human resources duties, hiring a human resources manager can save time and money and make the business run more smoothly. Large companies may even have a human resources team to divide duties within the department. The magic number is usually one HR representative per 50 employees.

Overwhelming your current staff with HR duties is only circumstance in which hiring an HR manager is useful. If you are opening a second location or branch office space, or hiring a large number of staff at one time, an HR manager can keep things like paperwork and training from becoming disjointed or disorganized. Changes in healthcare laws are causing many companies to hire HR managers to keep up with the new requirements. If you are concerned about potential litigation, you might prepare yourself with a very legal-minded HR manager.

Because the role of an HR manager is amorphous based on each company's culture, a clear job description will be necessary to attract the right candidates. Some companies expect the HR manager to handle payroll, and she may be a union liaison in certain industries. The HR manager almost always handles employee benefits, and she should certainly be prepared to take on the legal aspects of human resources. The HR manager is also a top enforcer of the handbook and relevant laws, and she should be a champion of the organization culture. Be sure to always include a catch-all line like, "and duties as assigned," so the position can evolve as the company grows.

Qualifications of a New Hire

The HR manager is the face of your company in many spheres. She is on the frontlines of the legal, union and employee relations aspects of your operations, so hiring the very best talent available is paramount. There is no room here for settling, so you may have to offer prime compensation to attract the best. If your company is experiencing growth, an HR manager with many years of experience at a company twice the size of yours can be a guide for growth and is sure to keep up with the evolution of your brand.

The interview is your best opportunity to evaluate a potential new hire for the HR manager position. Ask hypothetical and experiential questions to determine how she would handle various situations. Many managers subscribe to the method of behavioral interviewing, which assumes the theory that past behavior determines future performance. Questioning how an HR manager handled a situation in the past, what the results were and what she would do differently give you a preview of what you can expect in your own work environment.

Hiring a human resources manager allows your business to grow efficiently. It also gives employees the confidence that someone is knowledgeable of all their needs. Give yourself time to seek out and recruit the best available match for your growing company.

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