Glendale Business Liability Insurance

Glendale business liability insurance provides necessary coverage for you small business. However, commercial liability insurance alone won't be sufficient to cover all of your risks. In addition to California liability coverage for general third-party claims, you may need special protection for other components of your company activities and assets, including your products, employees, and vehicles.

Your Glendale business liability insurance won't cover commercial cars unless you have an add-on in your policy. So, if you or your employees are driving cars for work-related purposes, you may need a commercial auto policy to cover you. Your personal automobile policy won't be sufficient to cover commercial cars.

Depending on what kind of business are running in Glendale, California, you may require various additional policies to fully insure your company. If you're opening a restaurant, for example, and you will be serving alcohol, you may need a liquor liability policy. You also require a policy to cover your food, called product liability insurance. As you've probably gathered, insuring your Glendale, CA company is a complicated process, and you may want to seek the help of a professional for detailed general small business liability insurance guidance.

Commercial Auto Liability Policy

If you think that your personal automobile policy will cover you if you're driving a car for work related purposes, you should check with your insurer. The chances are pretty high that you're not covered. You need to confirm with your insurer that you're covered when driving for business purposes, because, if you don't, you could find yourself uninsured after an accident.

Believe it or not, even artists driving to craft shows are supposed to have a special kind of commercial insurance. It may sound unnecessary, but, as you probably know, some insurers try to avoid responsibility. Don't give them any excuse! It's definitely a risk to drive your car for work purposes if you only have personal auto insurance.

A car crash could ruin a small Glendale, CA company, just like a lawsuit. Commercial auto insurance will include coverage for employee autos, as well as for rented or borrowed cars. It will also include comprehensive coverage, including protection for uninsured or underinsured motorists. You can probably get a commercial policy as an add-on to your Glendale business liability insurance.

Business Owner's Policy Options

If possible, you might want to consider a package deal that includes Glendale business liability insurance. A business owners policy or BOP includes both Glendale business liability insurance and property coverage. It may also include commercial auto policy, coverage for claims related to products, and additional policies.

Your Glendale business liability insurance policy will cover third-party claims related to personal injury, advertising injury and property damage. However, it doesn't cover the property damage itself. So, you need to have a policy that protects your California property and assets. A natural disaster such as a fire could be very detrimental to your Glendale, CA business if you don't have property coverage.

Also, note that your Glendale business liability insurance only includes third-party claims. So, if an employee brings a claim against your Glendale, California company for wrongful termination or harassment, you need to have a particular policy in place to protect you from claims made by employees. Again, you may be able to get this in a BOP.

How Agents Can Help

You can purchase Glendale business liability insurance without an agent. However, finding an agent can make insuring your company much easier and safer, too. An agent that has experience with your industry knows the specific liability risks that your company may be susceptible to. Also, an agent knows the reputation of various insurers, and whether they would suit your company.

So, your finding a good Glendale agent can make it much easier for you to insure your company well. Also, an agent can do the hard work of putting together different quotes and finding competitive rates. And, he or she can create a policy that specifically cater to meet your particular risks, which will be much harder for you to do without experience.

Obviously, you do not want to leave everything to your agent. You should do your own research to make sure that you have a reliable insurer, and not a small or new company. Insurance companies sometimes do fail and the results can be disastrous. So, don't blindly trust an agent, but, if you choose a good agent, the process will be much easier.

Interview a few different Glendale business liability insurance agents before you choose one. There are plenty of different agents out there, so you can be somewhat choosy when you're looking for one to work with you. Find an intelligent agent who has plenty of experience with companies like yours. Remember, insuring a company requires a solid understanding of the different potential risks, the necessary policies and so forth.

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