How Can I Find Good Employees Online?

Finding good employees can be challenging in some cases. Using the Internet to your advantage to offer great employee incentives can save a lot of time and hassle. There are several effective ways to screen applicants, interview, and hire without investing a major amount of time. Some of the most common ways of finding good employees online is using free listing services. You can also look at private job sites that hook you up with interested, experienced job seekers. Using the local version of your online newspaper will put the ad online and in print.

Free Listing Services

There are sites that let you post job ads for any industry for free or for a small fee. The fee on some sites is simply an anti-spam measure. It is generally much cheaper than a printed newspaper post. To limit the number of applicants and thus save you some time you should add certain measures. For instance, if you are looking for an IT employee there must be a resume attached to any email they send. That resume should show a technical education or at least a lot of experience. You can include instructions for how to apply, what format the resume should be in, and instructions not to call or visit your office until invited. If those simple instructions cannot be followed, that is probably not the employee you are looking for.

There are private job service sites that allow companies to post their want ads on their site and they will automatically notify quality, matching skills-applicants that your job is posted. This does mean a little less screening, and you will generally find many qualified people to choose from. With these kinds of services you pay a little more but you get some of the screening done for you upfront for your fee as far as who will be notified to apply.

If you are offering an entry-level position that does not have a set skills-set in order to apply you will probably get a lot of applications. It is a good idea to set up a screening process from the beginning. Maybe you could have a minimum and maximum education requirement. You can insist on at least two years of experience with an employer in the same field. You can still consider people without those things but it will keep the volume of applicants to a manageable level. You can also include a request for a small, personal mission statement. This can be a great way to get a quick look at a potential employee without reading through an entire resume.

Hiring Employees

The Internet is just another way to increase your access to qualified pools of job seekers. This can be both a blessing and a curse. With some care and forethought you can avoid the speed bumps and focus on the applicants. Set up some applicable boundaries, easy to follow resume submission instructions, and set aside some time to rough screen. From there you can begin your normal process of interviewing. Also, when you use the Internet for hiring you should not be timid about screening applicants over the phone. That can be a real time saver.

Finding good employees online is not only possible, it makes sense. The Internet is the perfect way to expand your reach and pull from a larger source of qualified individuals. Find ways to trim the resume submissions, screen further over the phone, and bring in the finalists. The really beautiful part is that you don't have to invest a great amount of time advertising your job opening. You can concentrate on filling it.

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