Cincinnati Business Liability Insurance

Cincinnati business liability insurance is meant to protect your company from three types of claims: property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. Even in instances in which your Cincinnati, OH company is innocent, you need to have liability insurance to protect you. Legal fees can easily put a small Cincinnati business under, so it's absolutely necessary to have coverage.

Depending on the activity of your Cincinnati business, you may need specialty insurance to protect you. For example, if your Ohio company is online, you may want to consider cyber Internet liability coverage. If you're involved in publishing or broadcasting, you may want to consider media liability coverage as well.

Once you're insured, your Cincinnati business liability insurance company should instruct you on the process of making a claim. You and your employees should know how to react if there's a liability claim made against you, or if there's a serious accident. Understanding the process of making a claim, and being prepared, will make it much easier if you need to contact your Cincinnati, OH insurer in a stressful situation.

Internet Liability Insurance

Basic Cincinnati business liability insurance probably won't cover your needs if you're an online company. You most likely need Internet specific coverage, since you have unique risks. Internet companies are changing quickly, and so are the risks associated with them. Many Cincinnati business owners are unaware that their Internet company faces the same liability risks as any publishers, and so they need sufficient Ohio business liability protection.

In fact, even the legal industry has been struggling to come to terms with the risks of the online world. For example, domain name infringement caused a number of unexpected lawsuits during the early stages of Internet, which was new territory for the legal world. Basic Cincinnati business liability insurance is not equipped to cover the risks of the virtual world.

For example, you may run into some of the same problems as other industries, such as infringement of intellectual property rights, misuse of information, breach of confidence and defamation, but that's not all. What if your company unintentionally transmits a computer virus? You'd better hope that you have a unique insurance policy that covers this kind of accident.

Cyber Internet insurance is meant to cover the specific risks of the Internet industry. If a third-party hacks one of your customer accounts, for example, you need to have a policy that covers you for this kind of unusual risk. Again, Internet companies have different risks than other Cincinnati companies.

How to Make a Claim

Your Cincinnati business liability insurance company should lead you through the process of making a claim. First of all, you should contact your Cincinnati business liability insurance company immediately, if there's an incident regarding your Ohio business. And, your insurance company should respond promptly to your claim and act quickly.

Some unreliable Cincinnati business liability insurance companies will not contact a lawyer immediately after receiving your claim. Not contacting an attorney immediately may save your insurer money, but a good agent will insist that your Cincinnati business liability insurance company acts quickly. Having an agent will make filing a claim much easier.

Once a claim is filed, your insurer will contact the third party. However, you should avoid speaking to the injured party and decline all their calls. You need to refer the third-party to your attorney. For one thing, you have very little say in the goings-on, and, for another, anything you say could be used in your case.

Your insurer will most likely try to settle claim to avoid high legal fees, but the injured party may file a lawsuit against your Ohio business. regardless, your business insurer has the duty to defend and the duty to indemnify. In other words, your insurer must cover all legal fees, settlement fee, and the potential damages.

Choosing an Insurer

Your coverage is only as good as the insurer you choose. If your insurer tries to avoid paying for claims, you're out of luck. So, it's absolutely essential that you choose a good company that will protect you. Furthermore, it's best to choose an insurer that's experience in your industry. You can find an insurer by researching reviews online, asking other companies in your industry, or talking to an agent.

In fact, finding a good agent is probably the best way to find a good insurer. A savvy Cincinnati business liability insurance agent will be able to help you choose a trustworthy insurer. Agent know the reputations of different insurers, and can help you choose the best company for your needs. Plus, a smart agent will be familiar with different types of policies, and the risks associated with your industry. He or she will be able help you sufficiently cover all of your risks with a reliable insurer.

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