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Chicago business liability insurance can protect you and your business from potential lawsuits and other problems. No matter what kind of company you're operating or service you're offering, you're undertaking a certain amount of risk. If someone is injured on company property (or by a company product or employee), or a natural disaster occurs, your business could go under without the protection of a good policy.

What Kind of Liability Insurance?

You have access to three different kinds of protection for your company: general, professional and product. General policies cover injury claims, advertising claims and property claims. General liability coverage is also called Commercial General Liability (CGL); depending on your situation, it may be the only kind of policy you need for your Chicago, IL company.

Illinois professional liability insurance is necessary for anyone providing a service. Professional coverage protects you against omissions, errors or negligence. If you're a doctor or an attorney in Illinois, Chicago business liability insurance is an absolute must, but other professions benefit from high-quality coverage as well. For example, if you're a technology consultant, massage therapist or yoga teacher, you may want coverage to protect you from unusual circumstances.

If you're a company selling a product, you should get a special kind of product protection. This is necessary in case consumers are harmed by whatever goods you're selling. Of course, if you're selling paper, you probably don't have to worry as much as you do if you're selling something more dangerous, say an oven or a hairdryer.

Personal Liability: Still a Risk

While Chicago business insurance can protect you from most potential problems, you might occasionally be personally liable. Even if you are an incorporated company or limited liability company (LLC), you can still be personally liable in particular situations. For example, did you sign a personal guarantee for a Chicago loan? Or, did you (personally) hurt someone? In either of those cases, you are liable for your own actions.

If you commit illegal or irresponsible acts, you must accept responsibility, because company insurance will not protect you under those circumstance. And, if you fail to manage your business as a separate entity, you may be liable for any activity. A good company will explain the exceptions regarding your protection in detail, so that you can operate in a safe manner.

A good policy will cover most damages, injuries or other issues you might face as a company. However, you also need to understand what potential cases could still implicate you (and not the business) and proceed with caution. If you manage your company in a responsible manner with high quality Chicago business liability insurance, you should be well-protected and able to sleep soundly.

Choose the Right Chicago Insurance

Choosing Chicago business liability insurance isn't a simple task. Not only are there a number of different companies offering protection, each Chicago business liability insurance business offers a number of different options. You will need to consider the amount of legal expenses each policy covers, and also consider intellectual property rights and other concerns.

You will need to find a business registered in Illinois, and registered to sell insurance in your state. Sometimes, small insurers located elsewhere will sell policies through a company in Chicago, IL. It's much better to choose a Chicago business liability insurance that is physically located in your state, though, rather than operating secondhand. Your much more likely to have a trustworthy insurer if you choose an Illinois company.

You should also consider different rates when choosing a Chicago business liability insurance policy. Some policies are very expensive, even though they don't offer added benefits. Get a number of different quotes for Chicago business liability insurance companies, before choosing a policy. Note that premium you pay will also vary based on the size of your company and your work, so get specific quotes.

Also, consider the ratings and reviews of different companies to compare how they've performed in the past. Do policy holders seem happy with the coverage that the company provides? You can look at various rating services, too, to see which companies are trustworthy and stable. Do your research when you're looking for coverage, and you will get a very good policy that will protect your company well.

It's also a good idea to choose a company with high-quality customer service. As you can imagine, ending up with a Chicago insurance company with bad customer service can be a real hassle. Consider calling up the company and seeing what kind of service you get. Also, remember a lot of companies have good customer service in the sales department, but it's not so good for the people who actually use the policy. When you're considering different Chicago business liability insurance options, be sure to check on their customer service.

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