How Can I Change my Business Insurance Policy?

Business liability insurance for your small business is the best way to manage the everyday risk of running a company. One of the great advantages of being a valued customer is that your insurance company wants to keep improving and changing your coverage as your needs change, much like how you monitor employee productivity and make the proper changes when necessary.  If your provider is not willing to do whatever it takes, there are thousands of insurance providers that will. What changes can you make to your small business liability insurance policy? What is involved with making coverage changes to your policy?

So you want to make changes to your business insurance. Do you want a whole new policy with a new provider? Maybe you are not getting the kind of customer service or attention you deserve. Are you looking for higher coverage amounts due to the purchase of new equipment or a new office space? Do you want to add other types of coverage such as renters or health? Whatever your needs there are steps you can take to effectively and quickly get it done and get your insurance portfolio in line with your needs.

Make the Call

Calling your insurance agent or requesting a meeting with your insurance company is the quickest way to start getting the changes you need in place. The great part about having a contact at the insurance company or a personal agent is you will likely get a faster response when you need to make changes or you have questions about your policy. Once you have gotten in touch with your agent you can start discussing the changes you are looking for. When you have an agent that is familiar with the needs of small business and the changing nature of a growing company they will know just what to do.

You can also request changes to your policy online or by email if you choose. Many insurance companies now offer this easy, quick method for keeping in touch. You can request quotes on coverage increases or more information on bigger changes or new types of coverage. This is a great way to keep a paper trail as well. There is one more important point to make about changes in coverage and adding new types of coverage to your policy.

Demand the Best

Whenever you are thinking about making changes to your insurance, or you need increases in coverage, you have to consider shopping around. It can be easy to get comfy with our current provider, but we never know what kind of deals are out there unless we put our business out there for bids. You might find out that you would only save a little and that might not be enough to sway you, or you find out that a reputable provider is going to give you a nice break and can offer good service as well. You never know until you try.

No matter what changes you are looking to make, you are the boss. If one insurance provider cannot give you what you need, find one that will. In most cases making minor changes is a piece of cake. You call up, get the information, agree to pay the increased rates, and that is about the whole process. Now, that does not mean that bigger changes might not require a bit more trouble. You might need to submit paperwork, meet with an agent, or sign papers before the coverage takes effect. It all depends on your specific situation. The good news is you can and should make changes as you need, and most every time, a simple phone call will do the job.

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