Why Should I Add Workers Compensation to my Business Liability Insurance?

In order to protect your business as completely as possible, you need all the insurance types you can get. If you operate your business in a location where worker's compensation insurance is required, then the answer to the question why you should obtain worker's compensation is clear. Remember, that an employee's health insurance does not cover time or wages lost due to injuries incurred on the job.

So, if you worry that you are already paying for health care coverage for even just one employee as a business owner, this is an important thing to understand. Worker's compensation is a specific form of coverage. It pays for medical bills or other costs, such as lost wages or rehabilitation services, associated with any work-related injury which occurred while they were on your business premises doing their job.

Do I Need Worker's Compensation for Office Workers?

Again, if your local laws require your company to carry worker's compensation coverage you need to obtain it no matter what kind of business you run and no matter how much business protection you have. The price for worker's compensation insurance is factored upon several different things. The number of employees you have as well as the level of risk involved on the job and any past losses would affect the amount you pay for worker's compensation.

Just because you run an office where most of your employees are sedentary throughout the day, does not mean accidents cannot happen. If an employee trips and falls over an electrical cord, or slips on a wet floor and it results in a serious enough injury, then you can see why worker's compensation would make sense. It is, however, easy to see why it would be especially important for workers employed in jobs that require heavy lifting or the use of dangerous machinery.

What Happens If I Do Not Purchase Worker's Compensation?

In some cases, if you have a few employees and you do not purchase the required worker's compensation insurance coverage you could actually be breaking the law. Check with a qualified business liability insurance specialist to see what levels of insurance your company needs based upon the amount of employees or type of employees working for you. You need to think of the benefits you reap as the employer paying for the worker's compensation coverage.

If an employee makes a claim about being injured on the job and tries to sue your company for worker's compensation, you will not have much of a case. A judge would not want to side with the company operating without the required worker's compensation coverage. So, even if your employees never have to file a claim, paying for worker's compensation is worthwhile.

You get to operate fully in compliance with the law, for one thing. For another, if an employee, or a past employee, were to try and sue for injuries they claim were incurred while working for you, you do not have much of a case. Nor do you have much financial protection when you do not carry the correct worker's compensation coverage.

Where Can I Obtain Worker's Compensation Insurance?

As you can see, you need to have worker's compensation coverage to truly operate legally in areas where it is required by law. Even though it is another additional expense to your business liability insurance, it is a worthwhile investment. It can even protect your company against frivolous worker's compensation claims. When you shop around for it just like you would your basic insurance policy, you can find affordable workers compensation business coverage which will adequately cover your particular worker's compensation needs.

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