Birmingham Business Liability Insurance

Birmingham business liability insurance will protect your company from third-party claims made against you. Birmingham business liability insurance will protect you from claims related to advertising injury, personal injury and property damage. However, your liability insurance will not actually protect your property, so you need an additional Alabama liability insurance policy to cover your property and assets as well.

You may want to consider purchasing a business owner's policy or BOP to cover most of your insurance needs. A BOP Includes both property coverage and Birmingham business liability insurance. BOP's are available for small to medium-sized businesses, and may be the most affordable way to insure your company.

Depending on the activity of your Birmingham, Alabama company, you may need additional policies as well as a basic commercial policy, so be sure to investigate plenty of rates for business liability coverage. For example, if you or anyone in your company plans to drive cars for work, you may need a commercial auto liability policy. If you have employees, you might want to consider an employee practices liability policy. Insuring your Birmingham company is more difficult than insuring a car or even a person, because you have particular risks that need to be addressed.

General Liability Insurance

Birmingham business liability insurance is a necessary protection for your small Alabama company. Even a meritless claim brought against your business could easily put you under. Legal fees can be incredibly high, not to mention the potential settlement fee or damages that you'll encounter. Luckily, Birmingham business liability insurance has the duty to defend the duty to indemnify, and therefore all of your costs will be covered.

If someone walks in to your Birmingham, Alabama office, falls down, and breaks a leg, he or she might sue you. It may sound like a silly story, but it actually happens all the time. And, bodily injury is one of the key reasons you need Birmingham business liability insurance to protect your company. Even if the person's fall has nothing to do with anything you or any of your employees has done, you're still at risk.

Almost all businesses need some form of liability coverage, to protect against potential legal fees. If you don't have Birmingham business liability insurance, you risk losing everything if someone tries to sue you. Even if your business is completely harmless, and you can't imagine why anyone would sue you, you still need to have the appropriate coverage in place.

Business Owner's Policy

Luckily, if you're starting a small to medium-sized company in Birmingham, AL, you may be able to purchase relatively affordable insurance. Your Birmingham business liability insurance policy won't protect you in the case of a natural disaster. So, if your office or store burns down, you need to have an additional policy in place to protect your property, which is included in a BOP.

Not all businesses can purchase a BOP. BOP's are meant for relatively low risk companies, and that's why they're affordable. If you're opening a small restaurant, you may be able to purchase a BOP, but if you plan on serving a certain amount of alcohol, you may not be eligible. Most businesses in the auto industry (including gas stations), aren't eligible for BOP's. However, convenience stores are sometimes eligible.

Additional Insurance Needs

Unfortunately, business insurance is complicated. While a BOP might make your life easier, you have a number of factors to consider. For example, if you plan to offer advice, or engage in any activity in which your profession may come into question, you need malpractice coverage.

Basic liability coverage won't protect you from claims related to professional negligence, so you need malpractice in case you get sued for an error. Even professionals who don't make mistakes need malpractice coverage, since meritless claims occur. Malpractice, which is also called errors and omissions, isn't just for doctors and attorneys.

If your Birmingham business is manufacturing or selling a product, you may need to have a policy to cover claims related to that product. Your basic commercial policy, or BOP, won't include products. Luckily, if the product you're dealing with is relatively harmless, you may be able to purchase affordable coverage for the product.

Furthermore, your personal auto policy won't cover you if you're driving for work-related purposes. The same goes for your employees. So, you may need a commercial auto policy to protect the company cars. Also, your Birmingham, AL company may have other potential risks, and it's a good idea to talk to an agent about what these might be.

Birmingham business liability insurance is essential to protect your small company. Of course, your coverage is only as good as the insurer you choose, so it's essential to find a trustworthy company. It's also wise to choose a reliable agent who can help you assess your risks and find a reliable insurer for your industry.

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