Employee Perks - Which Are the Most Important

Even in a rough job market, employee retention needs to be high on a list of business priorities. Many businesses see that when they neglect their employees’ well-being, these employees leave, taking valuable knowledge and training investments with them. One of the most important keys to employee satisfaction is perks, the small and sometimes not so small pleasures that come with working for a particularly company. While there are some perks that might be beyond the grasp of a smaller company, there are many perks that can be easily implemented. 

Working At Home

With the advent of VPN, Skype and other tools, telecommuting to work has never been more simple. While it might take a certain amount of time and effort to implement, the ability to telecommute can greatly improve an employee’s job satisfaction. Some employees only work at home once in a while, while other employees telecommute every day. Most are somewhere between. Working from home keeps the employee in a very comfortable environment, and it also removes the commute, giving them more time to themselves.

The key to making working at home into a great perk is to link it strongly to performance. Many employers feel nervous about letting their employees out of their supervision, and that is why this perk should be firmly reserved for the best employees. Working at home is not for everyone, and the ones who do the best with it tend to be motivated self-starters. These are the employees who keep things running when the supervisor is called out, and they are the ones who are as dedicated to the job at home as well as at the office. 


While studies show that employees who leave work for lunch are less productive, most companies haven’t found a great way to get around this issue. After all, the business may be in a place where there are no convenient restaurants and most employees are too busy to pack a lunch. The answer, then, is to provide a cafeteria. A good cafeteria, one that is plentifully stocked with wholesome and interesting food, keeps employees on the premises while giving them an obvious indication that their company cares for their needs. 

Some businesses even provide the meals free of charge, which is an even bigger perk for the employees. While it does take some investment to bring this perk around, it is a great one for the large business which is looking to show its employees that they are in the right place.

Even companies who cannot commit to a full cafeteria can increase employee satisfaction through the use of occasional catered meals, a simple cereal bar, or even simply a free snack machine that is regularly stocked with healthy snacks. 

Day Care

When employing parents, it is always important to understand that for them, their families come first. However, it is also important to understand that being at work and caring for a family are not mutually exclusive. A company day care is a great choice when a company wants to retain its employees, both male and female. If the business in question has a great deal of investment in being seen as family friendly and positive, a day care is an excellent choice.

If the company cannot handle the costs of a day care, which can be prohibitive, it is possible in some situations to create a “bring your baby to work” policy. A policy like this places the care for the child in the hands of the parent. While some employers worry that this kind of policy might be disruptive, the truth of the matter is that babies do sleep through much of the day. As long as the work does not include interaction with the public, a baby-friendly policy is a great choice.

A Comfortable Break Room

Though employees can be at work eight or more hours a day, they are not working for that entire span of time. There are breaks, there are lunches and any reasonable employer will understand that there are times when a quick walk away from the desk for a drink of water or a snack is essential to continued productivity. A comfortable break room helps the employee refresh and recharge much sooner than a break room that is simply functional.

The break room should be a place where it is possible to sit comfortable. A television is a good choice, and some companies even find that a gaming system can help their employees unwind over their lunch break. Consider comfortable seating, a good table or tables for eating lunch, and a kitchenette at the very least. A good break/lunch room makes it easier for employees to stay on the premises when they are not actively working. 


Showers are fantastic perks for two big reasons. In the first place, accidents happen and sometimes, employees would rather not drive all the way home to get clean. In the second place, showers also encourage employees to use alternative means of transportation to get to work. Most people drive to work, but many people would love the chance to run or bike to get to their place of employment. The problem si that they have no place to clean up afterwards

By installing a shower on the company premises, the company in question has shown that it is committed to the comfort of its employees, and that it is invested an eco-friendly policy. 

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