Baton Rouge Business Liability Insurance

Baton Rouge business liability insurance has the duty to defend, as well as the duty to indemnify, if your company faces a claim. In other words, your Baton Rouge business liability insurance must pay for legal counsel and other lawsuit costs. Your Louisiana insurer will hire an attorney on your behalf, and also pay the settlement fee or potential damages.

It's important to understand what your Baton Rouge business liability insurance covers, and what it doesn't; both in terms of cost and issues. Basically, your Louisiana commercial business liability insurance policy will protect you in the case of claims related to advertising injury, personal injury and property damage. Don't worry if you've never heard of advertising injury: you're not alone! Advertising injury refers to claims regarding the advertising of your Baton Rouge company.

That being said, advertising injury is not as straightforward as it sounds, because it's difficult to define "advertising" in the courtroom. In any case, it's a good idea to spend some time learning what the different kinds of "injury" types are. Personal injury, for example, is related to both emotional and physical injury.

Personal Injury

As you will see when comparing business liability coverage rates, personal injury is one are that is important to protect against. Personal injury refers to harm done to a person, rather than a person's property. Such claims most often arise in accidents, and they are often related to claims of negligence. For example, in a traffic accident, an injured person may bring a case against the other party, claiming they are at fault. That's why you see so many "personal injury" lawyers.

For your Baton Rouge company, though, the claims would need to refer to negligence on the part of the business, rather than you as an individual. It's important to understand this key difference: your Baton Rouge business liability insurance will protect your Louisiana company for personal injury claims against the company, but not against your personal work, or that of an employee.

If you are offering advice, or building houses, or doing something in which your professional ability may come into question, you need to have malpractice in addition to Baton Rouge business liability insurance. Your basic commercial liability policy won't protect you from claims related to professional negligence. It will, however, protect you if someone slips in your Baton Rouge, LA office, and then tries to sue you.

On the other hand, in order for your commercial liability policy to cover you, it has to be your Baton Rouge company itself that's under attack. It can't be your professional activity and it can't be your product either. If you are manufacturing or selling a product, you need to have an additional policy to protect your Baton Rouge, LA business; it's called "product liability insurance".

Also, there are a number of other personal injury claims that may be excluded from your basic Baton Rouge business liability insurance. For example, claims related to asbestos may not be covered. It's important that you look into your plan carefully to make sure that you're covered from personal injury claims that may come up.

Last but not least, if an employee sues your Baton Rouge, Louisiana business, you are not protected by your basic commercial insurance. Your Baton Rouge business liability insurance protects you from third-party claims, but not from internal claims. You need workers comp to pay medical fees for your employees, and you need employee practices liability insurance to protect you from employee lawsuits.

Advertising Injury

Advertising injury typically involves claims related to libel, slander or invasion of privacy. Such claims are usually brought against your business by a competitor. If, in comparing products, your advertisement damages another business, you might face an advertising injury claim.

The court needs to agree that the claim is caused by "advertising". There are certain, obvious forms of advertising, like commercials and ads in magazines, and then there are other, less obvious advertisements. For example, a public statement made by one of your employees could fall into the category of "advertising".

Typically, your Baton Rouge business liability insurance company will set out a definition of advertising, which may be broad or limited in scope. Advertising could be "any public notice" or it could be "specific marketing". Also, the definition varies from courtroom to courtroom. It's important that you check with your insurance company on the specificity of advertising, and whether it includes online activity (such as forums, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth).

Having a conversation with a Baton Rouge business liability insurance agent about the different insurance terminology can be helpful. It's essential that you have liability insurance to protect your business, and that you understand what it covers and what it doesn't. Most likely, you'll find that there are some specific components of your company that need additional protection. For example, you will also need to insure your property in the event of a natural disaster.

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