Attracting the Most Qualified Employees

Attracting the most qualified employees is your number one recruiting goal, but every advertised position will attract a few duds. Your objective is to be sure to get the best applicant pool possible, and that means targeting the top talent. Jobs in the current market are extremely competitive, and you could receive hundreds of resumes for a single human resources manager position for example. You need to be sure that among all of those is the model candidate who will thrive in your company.

The most qualified candidates have a bit more room to be picky about which jobs they seek out. Someone with a graduate degree or advanced training might not waste her time on a position that does not seem appealing. The best way to attract exactly the candidate you are looking for is to post a well-constructed job description. Listing the skills and qualifications necessary for a new hire will, theoretically, prevent too many unqualified applicants from submitting materials. This makes your hiring process much easier.

The job description can also attract an applicant who knows nothing about your company or the position. Details about the culture and mission of a company are just as effective as listing the job duties in garnering interest. You may decide to list a salary, but do not let that limit you. If the minimum salary is an attractive figure, you can list it with a note that it is negotiable. If you know the figure you are offering is not ideal, you can wait until the interview, after the candidate is more familiar with the job and the company.

You also have to post that job description in the right place. By posting on popular job search sites, the mass exposure you get could result in many unqualified applicants. Industry-specific job boards and college career centers are often more fruitful outlets. The audience already has a trait you want--skills in the field or higher education--so you have a stronger applicant pool from the start.

Investing in Your New Hire

The reality is, the best new employees come at a price. Though the sparse job market in recent years has driven some people to settle for jobs below their qualifications, the market is recovering, and people are looking for better opportunities. In order to attract the best candidates, you must offer incentive for them to apply for your position over another.

Salary is a major factor. Someone who has invested in their own higher education or job certification might not settle for $20,000 per year. If you are willing to invest in a new hire, you will find that you, too, can be picky.

For some, a great benefits package is as important as the paycheck. The cost of healthcare is so exorbitantly expensive, job seekers are looking for health insurance that will improve their quality of life. Work-life balance is also a concern for potential employees, so vacation time and a liberal paid time off policy makes a difference, especially for people with children.

Aside from pay and benefits, the culture of the company can be a deciding factor. Those who take an interest in their employees' off-hours well-being attract the top talent. Offering things like gym memberships, wellness programs and even concierge service is a perk that gives you an edge over the rest. Ultimately, if you want the most qualified employee candidates, you have to fight for them. Investing in recruiting the best new hire will pay off over the long run with high productivity and happy employees.

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