Atlanta Business Liability Insurance

Atlanta business liability insurance will defend your company in the case of most third-party claims related to property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. Don't worry, if you've never heard of advertising injury: you're not alone. Advertising injury will protect your company from a variety claims beyond physical damage, including libel and privacy invasion claims.

It's also important to note that your Atlanta business liability insurance has the duty to defend and duty to indemnify. In other words, your Atlanta business liability insurance will cover all legal fees, as well as the damages or settlement. However, a liability policy does not cover your property. You also need to have coverage for your property and assets, in addition to liability insurance.

It won't come as a surprise that Georgia business insurance is pretty expensive. Luckily, it's tax-deductible. Furthermore, a good agent or insurer can help you reduce your rates with common sense tactics and employee training. Actually, if you're attentive, you can greatly reduce your premiums by maintaining and documenting safety precautions.

What is Advertising Injury?

An advertising injury is an injury caused by your Atlanta company's advertising. For example, trademark infringement, copyright, libel, invasion of privacy are all examples of advertising injury. The part that's complicated is how to define "advertising" in a Georgia courtroom. It varies state by state, and often case by case as well.

Generally, any kind of promotion of your services can be considered advertising. There's the obvious advertising, which appears in magazines and on television, and then there's the less obvious advertising. For example, if you or your employees speak in praise of your company and damage another person, you might get sued. If so, the case would probably fall into the category of advertising injury, and you'd be protected.

However, it's also important to know that business liability insurance won't cover you if you intentionally publish false information. Also, if you engage in criminal behavior, violate someone else's rights, breach a contract, or anything along those lines, your Atlanta business liability insurance probably won't protect you from advertising injury claims. Basically, if you lie or cheat, you're on your own.

Furthermore, websites, forums, and some other modern forms of communication may not be covered by Atlanta business liability insurance. You should check with your insurer to see what is included in advertising injury according to your particular policy. Also, speak to your Atlanta insurance professional about additional policies you may want for your company's advertising tactics.

Atlanta Property and Casualty Insurance

Atlanta business liability insurance covers claims regarding property damage, but it won't cover your property in the event of a natural disaster. So, liability coverage doesn't provide sufficient protection for the average business. You also need to property and casualty coverage to protect your company against loss or other natural disasters.

You may want to purchase a business owner's policy, or BOP, which includes both property and liability coverage. In addition, you may want extra protection against specific perils, such as a terrorism, floods, and hurricanes. You will need to pay attention to the exclusions and your property coverage, and account for them if necessary.

You may have heard of "schedules". Schedules are essentially lists of the assets and property of your Atlanta company, including specific locations. These schedules can be updated (and should be updated) whenever anything changes regarding your valuables or location. Your Atlanta agent should make sure all of the property and assets are scheduled and that it's frequently updated.

Note that your Atlanta, GA property policy may be insured for actual cash value or replacement value. Replacement value, which is typically more expensive, means that you will reimbursed with the amount required to replace the damaged equipment. Actual cash value, which is probably what you have with your Georgia auto policy, only covers the current value at the time of loss.

Lowering Your Business Insurance Rates

Atlanta business liability insurance agents can most likely give you tips to help you keep your rates low. Anything you can do to reduce your liability, (or reduce your risk), may help lower your premiums. For example, simply keeping your Georgia office or working space clean and open, can help you minimize your premiums.

You should document all safety precautions, too. Atlanta business liability insurance companies love documentation. There will want to see logs, training records, and proof of all safety measures. Also, keep business documents organized, including those that explain your policies.

Again, talking to an Atlanta business liability insurance professional can help you reduce your premiums. In any case, it certainly doesn't hurt to ask! A GA insurer may find that you have repetitive or irrelevant coverage that you don't need. Carefully keeping track of your current assets, employees, and so forth, can also help you minimize excess costs.

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