5 Tips For Resume Screening

The job opening is advertised. Then, the rush of resumes comes pouring in via email and hard copy. In today's job market, screening resumes can be daunting, exhausting and vexing. It needn't be if the resume screening process is pared down to manageable size. There are five tips for resume screening that help refine the most desirable job applicants deserving of the interview phase:

Keep It Simple - Screen Compatible Salary Range First

Too often the resume screening process becomes bogged down in details that are unnecessary to the initial screening evaluations. Start with salary. Screen only those job applicants who fall within the salary range offered to a level of 10% higher or lower than the specified salary range offered. This reduces the tedious job of reviewing each resume. 

Job Qualifications And Resume Screening

Determine the priorities most desired in a job applicant's qualifications. For science, hi-tech IT, finance and engineering positions, this may include specific job experience that matches the job qualifications offered. From this point, choose the resumes that appear to have similar job experience in the most recent position. This is an important issue. Recent experience that's a good match for the job offered is an indication of the job applicant's attention to business compatibility. This should begin to narrow down applicants whose resumes are compatible with salary range and job qualifications.

Education On Resumes

Obviously, educational background can be a huge influence on hiring. The third part of resume screening should include a thorough review of the resume for the job applicant's education. In certain types of positions, it's absolutely crucial that the job applicant hold a secondary degree or Ph.D. This is also a way to rule out those who are educationally over qualified for the position before interviewing begins. Take note of the details of the job applicant's courses of study, their grade point averages in each course, their involvement in college groups and activities and any internships that may have accrued special credits. This information will aid in hiring the job applicant who readily fits into the work environment and is an important factor for jobs that focus on team work. As an example, sales and marketing, research and development in the sciences and advertising have a specific need for employees who can work well in a team as opposed to singularly. 

Down To The Wire On Resume Screening - Job Availability

Too often resume screeners ignore the job applicant's availability factor. If a replacement is needed quickly, it's best not to advertise this fact. There's a very good reason to avoid advertising the actual start date. It helps determine availability in cases where the job must be filled immediately.

Really Read The Resume - Don't Just Screen

Even though there may be a barrage of resumes for a single position, it's important to really digest the contents of each resume as it passes through each phase of the screening. The devil is often in the details of the way a resume is written and presented. Today, most companies prefer resumes to be emailed. This makes the screening process slightly less cumbersome. Although, it does still require time and diligence to narrow down the hiring field of applicants. Check details like spelling, grammar, punctuation and overall formatting of the resume style. Most job applicants overlook the importance of the resume screening and ignore the impact their resume presentation has on the resume screener. Resumes that are concise and provide factual data and organized structure leave a better impression of the job applicant than a resume that is overloaded with unnecessary information or uses "cutesy" personal testaments to impress. 

The Five Tips For Resume Screening

In order of importance, these are the five tips to remember for resume screening:

1. Screen compatible salary ranges first 

2. Search resumes for job qualifications that match the job offered

3. Screen education according to the requirements of the job

4. Make job availability of the job applicant part of the resume screening process

5. Read all acceptable resumes and check details to help form the job applicant's potential

From Five Step In Resume Screening To The Top Ten Job Applicants

Using the five tips for resume screening offers one additional advantage. The top ten job applicants' resumes can be used as an interviewing guide for the personnel manager who contacts these applicants to set up interviews. Make notations on the resumes that will expedite the interview process and help interviewers quickly gain knowledge of the job applicants' resumes chosen for final interviewing process. Remember that a resume isn't just a preview of the job applicant. It is also the first step in the job applicant's successful hire and the first data entered into their employee personnel file. 

The Duty Of The Resume Screener

Though the job of screening resumes may seem tedious, using the five steps for resume screening can make light work of the volume of resumes received for each job opening. Use the five steps for any type of position offered. If resumes are received exclusively online through a personnel recruiter, it may be a good idea to keep hard copies of resumes for future reference. In some states, businesses are required to keep records of the number of responses to job advertisements for EEO and Dept. of Labor regulations for each job order placed by the business.


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